June 4th, 2009


Displacing again

5 things above my desk
8 trigram mirror; postcard of a statue of St Martin of Tours, card for my hairdresser, small box with a cat on it; photo of the marquis.

5 things I can hear
Horus moving in his sleep; me typing; the marquis and friends role-playing downstairs; the computer humming; distant traffic.

5 useful things I could be doing
getting on with Grass King; writing letters; ironing; joining in the gaming; tidying my desk.

5 things I'm looking forward to
visiting desperance; going to Bath with the marquis, groliffe, laosin, anef and Michael, Caro, Tim and Chris all winolj; Worldcon in Montreal; finishing Grass King; tomorrow evening at home.

5 people I spoke to today
The marquis; the polling station lady; Mina on the Sainsbury's checkout; Libby at the post office; my friend Derek.

5 last books I read
Andrew Butler et al, edd., Terry Pratchett: Guilty of Literature; Jasvinder Sanghera, Shame; Jennifer Crusie, Fast Women and Tell Me Lies Hojo Tsukasa, Angelheart 27 (in French).

Ish has just come in and told me it's bedtime. He does this at around 10 pm most nights.
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