May 22nd, 2009


Excuses, excuses

There will be an Alsace report. With pictures. I swear it.
I've had a bit of a week. Monday, my dodgy shoulder went out really badly, leaving me with a heavy-duty headache and a lot of [pain when trying to type anything. Tuesday, I was due to take the cats for their annual boosters and check-ups, only to find that I had a flat tyre. SO I re-arranged the appointment and took the car off to be fixed.
Only to be told that that I needed four new tyres for a mere £Ouch. Sat around for 3 hours for this, paid, left, said 'ouch' physically and financially. Wed, wake up feeling lousy, take cats to vet, pay £Ouch, come home, deal with irritating stuff that has built up over the holiday.
Thursday. Decide I can take no more of the shoulder pain, book emergency osteopath appt. Keep long-arranged dental appt (ouch and £Ouch); go to osteopath, who cures the headache temporarily (Yay! I love my osteopath), gives me exercises to help and tells me to come back in a week. More £Ouch.
Go to local software emporium and buy Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred v.10 wireless edition, because typing has been long term very bad for me, I have got no writing done all week due to pain and, well, I should be writing. More £Ouch.
I'll report on D NS as I go along, but so far it's very user friendly and easy to understand. I haven't got to dictating into LJ yet, though, so this is typed with much ouch-ing. (We are still training each other.)
PS And, of course, am now bankrupt-ish. (As in I seem to have just under £30 to my name till the end of the month. Though I will get to pay myself back for the tyres from my emergency fund.) And have had bill from hire car company for diesel. Bah.
But there will be photos, I promise. (Castles! Storks! Beautiful towns! Fairy tale gites!)

Off to Plokta.con

SO, off we go again, this time to Plokta.con. Will see some of you there, I hope.
Meanwhile, this pm I went into town to buy an overdue birthday present for desperance.
Came back with said present, plus a lot of books for me; two new tops, a dress which I may take back as, while lovely, it isn't really me (it's read and green and swirly and, well, I look grown up in it. Am not good at that bit); and, um, two new skirts. Neither of them is blue. (Once is cream and purple with thistles on, the other is, more umm, an asymetric tweed miniskirt).
I am old. I swore off the minis. I just keep forgetting about that.
And overspent. It is a sad fact that my response to feeling penniless is to go shopping. Sigh.
'I'm not the marquise, I'm a very naughty girl.'
Off to feed cats and the marquis.