May 7th, 2009


Book meme answers

1. I list three characters from ten favourite books.
2. You try to guess what the books are!
3. I reserve the right to be sneaky and use secondary characters.

1. Kitty, Grimaud, Madame de Bois-Tracy -- The Three Musketeers as fleetfootmike observed.
2. Danar, Naz, Kley -- Tanith Lee, Drinking Sapphire Wine (and everyone ought to read this!)
3. Diana, Ruby , Jane -- Anne of Green Gables, as desperance said.
4. Daro, Gyorg Lavode, Jenicor e'Terics -- drplokta suggested Steven Brust, Five Hundred Years After. I was thinking of The Phoenix Guards, but both work.
5. Max Jones, Sam, Eldreth Coburn -- Robert Heinlein, Starman Jones, guessed by chilperic
6. Calvin Johnson, Margaret Hardy, Elizabeth -- Richard Cowper, The Twilight of Briareus -- and I am horrifed at some of you for not knowing this one.
7. Pallahaxi-Browneyes, Alika-Drove, Horlox-Mestler -- Michael G Coney, Hello Summer, Goodbye guessed by drplokta again.
8. Claudine, Luce, Aimee -- Claudine a l'ecole, Colette, correctly spotted by seph_hazard
9. Harry Wardle, Durathror, Angharad Goldenhand -- The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, spotted by, of course, brisingamen
10. Glinnes Hulden, Duissane, Lord Gensifer -- Jack Vance, Trullion: Alastor 2262, first spotted by were_gopher

In the red corner

Well, I've done a lot of stuffTM today. As in:

sorting out the reviews column for Vector (not a small job, hampered by an attack of stupidity, in which I typed up a review that had come by post, pressed the wrong key and had to type it all over again).1
cat sorting
further sorting of reference for nice ex-student.

Conspicuously absent: writing. This evening, this evening... And I seem to have forgotten how to spell. I mean, I had to look up conspicuous. If this is due to age, then I don't like it.

Skirt of the day: black tiered long skirt.

1 Dear Reviewer, if you are going to review a book I didn't send you -- which is fine -- please could you at least include the publisher and date. Page count, price and ISBN would be nice, too. It's not always easy to track those down. No, not even using Amazon as a database.