May 1st, 2009


Research Fail

The hero and heroine of the book I'm currently reading have just taken a side trip to Wales. They are staying in 'the city of Rhondda' in order to visit the offices of several different mining companies. In the mid 1990s.
Epic fail. Homework, please, Ms Famous Romantic Novelist. (Mind you, I should have known. It's mostly set in a timeless Irish village -- you know the kind, with a musical pub, no television, almost no awareness of the outside world, filled with warm-hearted stereotypes.)

Skirt of the day: circular teal cotton.

Celts paper started. 200 words so far. Don't want to...


Celtic paper half-written and a convenient break point (how we came to believe what we believe about the Celts) reached. Stopping now: will resume tomorrow, I think.
Bah. My neck hurts and I'm getting a headache. I'm out of practice at this serious academic stuff.
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