April 29th, 2009


Wasting time

Am lose-endish today. I ought to be writing, but as you can see that's not happening. Otherwise, shopping and laundry has been done and Horus has has lap time. MY back-brain is dragging its heels as it knows taht tomorrow I have to knuckle down and write something sensible and in formative on the Celts (for Clarkesworld), which, of course, I am not looking forward to. In a while I need to change into smart frock and heels etc to go to the Clarke awards. I'll take a notebook with me on the train and contemplate ferrets. (It's their turn to ahve the narrative.) I'm not banking on it, though. I have this book I'm really enjoying (Beyond Heaving Bosoms by Candy Tan and Sarah Wendell).

Skirt of the day: old denim.
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