April 23rd, 2009


Open thread: Celts

I'm feeling brave and there seems to be a lot of interest in this. So, if there's something you want to ask me about the Celtic and Gaelic speaking peoples and in particular those of Wales, Ireland and Scotland in the early middle ages (c.400 - c. 1300 for these purposes), go ahead. I am less specialised on Brittany and on the Romano-British period (this includes Boudicca), but I can try and offer bibliography and so forth on that, too. I'm also open for questions about my likes and dislikes in Celtic fantasy.
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Goth marquise

Random Musings of a Procrastinating Marquise

Blossoming trees are perhaps the things that come closest to convincing me of the existence of the divine (sorry, lil_shepherd).
Skirt of the day: was ankle-length purple linen, now blue and green silk patchwork, as it's warm today!
Purple and teal clash. Who would have thought it?
The predominant scent of Living With Ghosts is stagnant water, honeysuckle and musk. The predominant scent of Grass King seems to be earth and oranges.
It's a beautiful sunny day. Ish and Horus seem to realise this and are out enjoying themselves. And, amazingly, Mooncat has joined them rather than sleeping all afternoon on the bed.

Things I've done today so far:
post office trip
email jobs largely done

Things I need to do:
cleaning of bathrooms

Edited to add: the above two now also done!

Okay, I need to go and write. Anyone catching me noodling about on line before, say, 17.30 local time has permission to yell at me.
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