January 27th, 2009


How I Live Now

Scene: the marquise is doing her morning yoga.

Horus comes in from the garden: Hello, hello, I'm here, hello.
Marquise (in triangle pose): Yes, nice cat, hello. (Tries to keep balance while being head-butted by 6 kilos of friendly cat.)
Horus wanders off for a snack: Omm nom nom crunch nom, hello, I'm eating, hello.
Marquise (now in wide-stance stretch): Yes, that's a nice cat...
H (coming back): I love you.
M: (moving into dancer's pose, which she finds tricky): Yes, nice cat. (Wobble, wobble)
H: I really wuv you (head-butt).
M: (collapses): Oof.
H: Ohmigod it fell on me argh panic run away.
M: (sorts out limbs etc. Goes back to routine)
H comes back: Hello, hello, it's me, hello.
M: (in seated forward stretch) Yes, that's a nice cat.
H: head-butt. I really really really wuv you.
M: gives up and fusses cat.

Anyone know how to get cat hair off a sticky yoga mat?
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