May 16th, 2003


The Cats' Mother

My younger cat insists on sleeping on my head. Every night, regardless of protests, he ends up curled on my pillow, paws up my nose, whiskers tickling my ears, purring -- or snoring or chattering his teeth -- and wholly content. He is, admittedly, only a baby --not quite four months old. The elder of my cats -- now aged two -- also was very clingy at this age, and is still inclined to come to me for refuge against thunderstorms, vacuum cleaners and visiting toddlers. But she never wanted to sleep on my head. My first cat, who sadly died last New Year, was always too dignified for this kind of thing. So what's with the furry hair undresser? Bed hair may be in right now, but cat-sat-upon-hair just doesn't cut the mustard. And given that he's already big for his age, what on earth will I do when he reaches adult size? Can I start a new trend? This time next year will everyone be sleeping with a capital cat?
Or am I just slowly turning into Tina Turner?