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Words written: 1074
First line of the day: He squatted at the side of the stream, dipping his hands into the water.
Today's theme: musings on dreams, and the introduction of a key character (Cadog).
Diversions: 10 minutes spent scouring my academic shelves for WATU (Welsh Administrative and Territorial Units), one of those reference books you need maybe once a decade, but then *really* need. But which no-one every reads (it's a list. With some maps).

Skirt of the day: black flouncey

Question of the day: Why do I like Raja Hindustani so much (other than the music. The music is splendid and obviously likable)? But the film: I mean, I really shouldn't. The level of violence towards women is worrying and the hero's uncontrolled temper is scary. And yet I love it dearly.

And yay, our boiler is fixed and no longer leaking and the house is less freezing that it has been. (The two may well, I feel, be connected.)
Tags: drowning kings, hindi film, the cambridge skirt mountain, writing

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