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A metric or two

New words added to The Drowning Kings: 574 (is that all. Kari? Yes, I know. I take a while to warm up.)
First line written today: The eyes were open because the lids were gone, torn away to leave a rag of skin along the socket. (Note to self: crime, not horror.)
The dog is happy, the hero less so. The monks are probably worried and the king is up to something.
Reason for stopping: a combination of shoulder pain and Horus deciding he really needs my attention. I hope the shoulders are going to settle soon, as I am now bored of this headache (a week is too long.) (No, it doesn't need a doctor. I know what the cause is and I just need to wait for it to calm down.)

In other news: not in Newcastle, in fact. Today's skirt is long denim. It's not glamorous, but it is warm.
Tags: drowning kings, the cambridge skirt mountain, writing

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