Kari Sperring (la_marquise_de_) wrote,
Kari Sperring

Coo beasties

The cows are very fond of the bit of the nature reserve just behind our garden. They're after the windfalls from our two apple trees, I think. Which is fair enough.
However, in an outbreak of bovine cleverness, they seem to have identified me as the human who lives in the apple garden and have taken to following me around the nature reserve when I am hunting for the cats.
Horus is not impressed and as a result won't come in this evening. I've seen him several times -- indeed, I've been honoured with head butts, leg-rubs and purring. But in. Oh no, we won't do that.
It's a nice mild night. That is part of it too, especially as the bullocks have now moved off and lost interest.
Tags: cats

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