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Today I have...

Today I have done laundry and cleaning and ironing and counted cows.
No, really. I counted cows -- well, bullocks. There are four of them. The cattle grazing scheme is back on the local nature reserve and thus I am once again out at random hours with a clipboard checking fences and water supplies and looking at the cattle. They all look good and healthy to me: slightly darker coats than last year and less shaggy, though they are still Red Polls, as fart as I know. I imagine this is their summer plumage.
They're rather sweet, in fact, with lovely big soft eyes: very unbothered by me wandering about. One came to have a sniff, but he was interested, not anxious or aggressive. I firmly did not take them any of our windfalls, as they mustn't be encouraged to approach people on the reserve. The marquis tells me, though, that they have been coming to our back fence to scrump from our two trees. I will have to watch out for this and take photos. I foresee I am once again going to get attached to them and be heartbroken when they leave. I really, really should just give in and become vegetarian, I'm so soft, but it would drive the marquis nuts. (He cooks. We're not hugely carnivorous and meals are often meat-free or have very little meat, but he likes to have the choice. And while I would happily live on houmous and toast -- and be thin again, yay -- he would not care for this option. He likes to cook for two.)
I also saw bugshaw and despotliz this evening which was very pleasant.
Conspicuous by its absence in all this, of course, is writing. Writer brain is being very sluggish and I am giving in to it, which is Bad. Any suggestions as to how to make me get on with it will be gratefully accepted (though not necessarily followed.) I seem to be taking forever to get my equilibrium -- and my awakeness -- back after Worldcon. It's not still jetlag, but I seem to be still recovering from the sheer peopledness of it.
Oh, and I have joined World Fantasy, so I guess I'm going, as the wonderful klwilliams had very kindly offered accommodation. Now all I need is a flight...
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