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Ooops I did it again

I know, I know, rule broken already. (Prepares to duck righteous missiles.) But at Worldcon, Nice Editor pointed out a serious problem with the opening of Grass King, which I've been fretting at, here and there.
My subconscious just spat out an answer that rather pleases me. The marquis likes it, too, which is useful (he has high standards, probably higher than mine). So the marquise is now feeling both slightly smug and -- most unusually -- competent.
First line written today: 'All men must come at last to WorldUnder'
Favourite line today: 'It was probably a mistake.'

Note to subconscious: can we do this at a more sociable hour next time, please? Solutions after midnight aren't ideal. But oh, I feel better, the mental indigestion has settled and I am no longer daunted by the idea of writing a short story, either, as writer-brain is talking to me again.
Meanwhile I'm reading three books -- one for review, which I'm liking very much; one for me, which I'm loving; and one for research, which is interesting.
Skirt of the day: ankle-length blue teal with piping.

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