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Last full day

We got up much too early (as in 4.30 am) in order to catch our train back from Quebec to Montreal. The marquis insisted, in a rare change of role (usually I'm the one who insists on extreme earliness). Quebec coach station is attached to Quebec train station. It was awake at 5.00 am when we arrived, the train side wasn't. Much hanging about but the train was on time and we got back to Montreal and to number three hotel by 9.45 am. Too early to check in, but they let us leave luggage and we wandered off in search of breakfast, shopping and the Dieu du Ciel brewery tap. (29 Ave Laurier Ouest, for the interested). Mid-shopping, we met eleyan and miramon and invited them to met us for the beer around lunchtime. Turns out the bar is a fair walk in the heat (and about 5 mins in normal temperatures) from its nearest metro station, and doesn't open till 3pm (note to guidebook: such details are important). But there was a convenient restaurant to hand with wonderfully inventive bathrooms (I've always wanted to give directions involving a dragon, and now I have). So we had lunch, with G and S and also flick and drplokta and then the marquis, me, S and G repaired to the bar.
We now have confirmation of the excellence of the beers. We tasted 10 between us, and they were all splendid. Including one which tastes of Japanese green tea (Ochamana-bi-ru), a smoked beer that leaves a reach woodsmoke taste on the palate and an good dark stout. Swayed back to the hotel to check in, wash and meet up with ci5rod for sushi. Also good.
No real plans for tomorrow, other than get to airport on time. See you on the other side of the Atlantic.

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