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According to the marquis

Best beer of trip so far: Dieu du Ciel, Aphrodisiaque -- dark beer, tasting of (and made with) cacoa and vanilla. Found in both the Pub St-Alexandre and the Pub Oncle Antoine in Quebec City and very probably to be found in the Dieu du Ciel brewery tap in Montreal, too.

Best beer according to me: Dieu du Ciel, Rosee d'Hibiscus. Yes, hibiscus beer, sharp and crisp and pale pink. Perfect hot weather beer, highly recommended. (And, did I mention that it's pink?) The Dieu du Ciel brewery are clearly very very devoted to unusual beers which also taste good: they do a rocking coffee one (Peche Immortel -- e-acute on the last e in peche, but I'm in-computerate) and a very very odd pepper one (Route des Epices).

We head back to Montreal very early tomorrow, and will be staying our last night at the Auberge du Vieux Port. Can't be sure of internet, and we won't be able to check in till 3pm, but a message left with them under the marquis' name will find us, if anyone wants to link up for dinner.

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