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Iskander, colds and other updates

Ish is not a happy cat today. He wants the buster collar Off Now, and no-one listens. The bandage is itchy and it gets in the way and he Does Not Want. He wants to go outside but the humans aren't listening. In fact, everything is lousy and it's not fair and he can't even scratch his ears when he wants to. The sole consolation is that small amounts of fish keep appearing on saucers in front of him. But otherwise, he's not a happy cat. Mid-morning, a couple of blokes turned up to collect a wardrobe, and he made a brief bid for freedom. I caught him in next door's garden before any real harm was done. He's spent the day grumbling at poor Horus, whose fault this is not, wandering about shouting, and lying on the half-landing looking fed up. I've combed him several times, as he can't wash with the collar on, and that isn't helping him, and I seem to have spent half the day diving across rooms to scratch his ears for him. Horus is baffled, because he wants to help with the washing, but his Ish -- whom he adores and who normally is delighted to be washed -- just growls.
In other news, the marquis is off in Bath playing board games and enjoying himself. I have done cleaning, in the breaks between waiting on Ish. The hell cold seems finally to be on its way out, too, which is very good. I felt rather abandoned to begin with, but have cheered myself up by watching Taare Zameen Par which turned up on the pay-per-view. I'd been putting it off rather -- it got mixed reviews and the plot (about an inspirational teacher helping a boy with dyslexia) sounded potentially both preachy and saccharine. But in fact it's pretty good -- it focuses mainly on the child, who is an excellent young actor playing an engaging character. The review that I read somewhere that claimed that star and director Aamir Khan spends much of the film in tears is true -- devoted as I am to Aamir, he does love to be sentimental -- but the story is mainly strong enough to survive that. And the music is excellent.
Tomorrow, Ish has to ahve his bandages changed at the vet, and then I need to do more cleaning and get back to Grass King. In between scratching his ears for him, of course.

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