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Request from zaan

Zan asked me to x-post the following. SHe'd be grateful for your suggestions and commewnts.

"10:18 pm - Help needed with ConDor con panels at end February! [protected post]
So I managed to link up with the local SF convention, ConDor, and just in time to get involved with the con this year! yay!!

http://www.condorcon.org/events/programming.html this is their site. GOH is Todd McCaffrey - saw him at Worldcon a couple years ago in LA and he is good. His books are also good too. :) So another plus.

I am on 4 items. And I am writing this immediately after reading what I am on in a blue funk, lol. Being this out of touch to chat with others of a like mind is awful but I know I need that now.

Item 1 - a Writers' Workshop - well of course I volunteered for that! - with Kevin Gerard. Need to look himn up.
We have to choose a topic and the writers attending all write about it then we review wot they wrote... OK I like the idea, but need some interesting Topics for them. Con Theme is Steam Punkish - not that I liek Steam Punk myself..but doesn't mean that our theme has to be that. So, suggestions welcome from Writers of all levels of professionalism apprecisted.
Marquise? Can you Repost all this in your LJ so your friends can also read and comment too, please? I'd value their input :)

Item 2 - Spaceships, Colonies & Castaways - How do small isolated communities function in SF? Panelists, Me, Sheila Finch, Dani Kollin, Lynn Maudlin, David Trowbridge. (Again I need to look them all up!)
Well as far as I know, we did a survery into Brit Fandom way back and decided we were a microcosm of the world outside to a degree, BUT we had chosen ourselves for a high degree of Literacy - ie we actually buy and read books! :) So my take on this would be to work out beforehand what I think at least 2 of these 3 groups would self-select for, and what a mix might have... from one of the other 2.
But I would like references and I don't have any. Lack of funds means I haven't read anything new but Analog in ages. :( Any suggestions, please? And of course I am stranded without my own books which are up in Sac 500 odd miles away. :( Argh!
Anyone seen Lost and can give me a run down on it? Maybe even Battlestar Galactic which I stopped watching after a rew episodes as I found it just too confusing with the sex change of Apollo and that blonde Cylon girl all over the place and not there really. :( I have watched Primeval, and there was Bab 5... and Firefly, so comments on those I believe are pertinent.

Item 3 Don't touch that button! - The role of stupidity in genre fiction. Panelists, Me, Allison Lonsdale, Ron Oakes, Q.L. Pearce, Vernor Vinge.... (ooh!)
Well I know that for my books, without stupidity there would be no plot! Reason for that is I know the plot, my characters don't know everything so obviously not having all the info make mistakes..
Anyone think of TV/Movie expamles of that?

Item 4 Classic and Not So Classic Hero archetypes Panelists, Me, Sharon Mock, K.L. Richardson, Vernor Vinge.
Had a converstation about this the other day with Kai on how Indiana Jones is a Gray Hero cos he steals artifacts. Kai disagreed cos he got them for his museum... =P And Han Solo too. And wozzis name in Firefly. Any other suggestions? I suppose my take is that the hero of a said story or TV series is not necessarily a Hero perse...

I intend to look up my fellow panelists and find out their views and directions too as I did at UK Eastercon, but not much time till 27th., :(
All help appreciated."

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