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Of Recoil and Grace: artwork

Title: Of Recoil and Grace
Artist: la_esmeralda_
Pairings/characters: Morgana, Team Evil, Arthur/Gwen,
Rating (if applicable): PG13
Warnings: None
Summary: The shaping of a new Camelot begins with Arthur's coronation, Merlin and Gwen on his either side. But unbeknownst to the three of them, Morgana is guiding her own piece of Albion, heedless to Camelot's changing currents.
As they adjust to their roles to shape the kingdom, Arthur, Gwen, Merlin and Morgana must undergo their own trials and personal victories. Choices in private will affect actions in public, and they must each strike a balance to avoid the collapse of everything they've worked for.
Story link:  HERE
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, though if the show could ever go this way, I would be v.v. happy

Artist's notes:  Done for paperlegends , Merlin's expertly organised Big Bang.
Thank you to the lovely kepp0xy  for allowing me to play with her gorgeous writing and intricately-created universe, and for generally being patient with my terribly unreliable self! She puts up with me through monsoons, net failures, ineloquence and distractions, and also lets me rag her THE WHOLE TIME. :DD Your mega talent inspires both flail and FURTHER THINKING, and you are honestly one of the most fun and rewarding people to work with -- basics, it's always a complete pleasure, darling <3

"The problem with keeping secrets, my lord, is that those around you begin to keep secrets, too."


"I saw you speaking with Alvarr," Morgana says after a moment. There is a hesitation which Morgause feels: a quiet ache of humiliation, before Morgana continues, "His band is powerful but they cannot be trusted."

"No," Morgause agrees gently. "I seek only to repay their care for Mordred so they have no claim of debt against us in future."

Hair tumbles in thick locks with Morgana's nod. The motion sends strokes through the material of her dress against her shoulder, hair brushes her collarbone and Morgause silently admits that she has never known a sensation more comforting.


Morgana looked up, met and held Arthur's gaze in an ice cold fury, and said, "I will not forget this, Arthur Pendragon."

As she whispered the words which brought up winds, tearing at her and Mordred until they vanished in a tempest, Arthur was certain he saw Mordred smirk at him in something like triumph.


Without stopping her movements, Gwen whispered, "War, then?"

He sighed, and glanced at her from the corner of his eyes, forlorn. "I believe so."

Lifting her knee to plant it in the soil, thigh pressed tight to his, Gwen slid her hand down his forearm, slipping her fingers across the back of his hand to wrap tight between his. His fingers closed down over hers, and she drew a line against the side of his palm before his hand began to move again. With fingers still knit, they worked that way, Gwen hiding her fear in the rich soil as Arthur hid his.



She takes one final look around herself; first at the turrets and the walls which hide rooms she knows as well as the places in her heart and mind. And then to the people; her soul.

Tags: graphics, merlin
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