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bomb girls // try a twirl

adventures in tv land

(aka your heroine watches things that do not come straight onto her tv at 6.30 on a Saturday)
(aka your heroine has an internet that allows her to do things now, omg.)


Does anyone want to tell me how this show exists? I spent my snowbound Sunday (hush, a centimetre or two in London is as exciting as it gets) catching up on this and falling straight up in love. SO MANY GIRLS. ALL SO DIFFERENT AND WITH INTERESTING STORIES. I wanna roll around in it forever. GIRLS WHO BECOME BEST FRIENDS AND DANCE. I both hate and love Kate and Betty because I think it's going to kill me and Kate's going to be quite straight and Betty's going to have to grow out of this WHOLEHEARTED LOVE she is discovering for Betty.
But but in case you thought I'm only into things for teh gay, I love all the ladies and their stories, even the more conventional ones about rich girls breaking out. Because the writing on this tiny show is brilliant so far, yes it is, and the women are real and many make mistakes but all of their stories are written with conviction and commitment. So starry eyed, and it's almost over. CRUEL.

(On a side note, if anyone is enjoying the fuck out of girls and war, they should go read a new YA novel called Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein. For again, that warm girly relationship with a strong subtext that's the focus of the novel, but that has an excellent espionage plot to boot. LOVE.)

But you know what isn't almost over but is equally great? XENA. Yes, I lose a lot of gay awards for not watching this one earlier. But I have managed to dunk myself right in the middle of s2 (courtesy a terribly dubious channel that I fear might show vampire porn after respectable hours), and equally IT IS THE BEST NONE OF YOU HAVE EVER LIED. I can't take the men on the show seriously yet, and the plots are all ridiculous, but then, I can't pretend I'm watching it for anything other than how brilliant it is to watch two girls who love each other lead a fantasy show.

Frankly, all I should do now is procure some Good Wife, and then emerge sometime in March blinking and dewy-eyed at the variety of girls I've been enjoying.

things and icons (4x08)

1) My fridge is broken. In my mother's infinite wisdom, she has reacted by keeping the heating off "so the food stays cool. like in a fridge."
I have no toes now and my house is a recreated refridgerator. #slicesoflife

2) DOCTORWHO MINI EPS OH GOD. The Eleven/Amy one of perfection and sweetness and love! And icecreams for trademark zanyness! THE MADCAP FISH ONE WHAT EVEN WAS THAT I DIED LAUGHING. River and Eleven sweet goodness. the two younger ones with their flirty feelings sparking off each other, and then the older ones with Eleven's TRAGIC FACE AT THE END. urgh. That mix of comedy and heartbreak in five minutes, I'm quite in awe.

(It also really sort of distresses me that River winds up having to meet Ten in prime dickish form -- no matter how great the chemistry! -- when Eleven's her Doctor and theirs is the true love story we've seen. I may have decided Eleven will be downloading her from that godawful matrix Moff saw fit to put her in and that their story is ongoing.)

anyhow apparently I'm still incoherent. I miss this show and its characters so much and it's only been gone six weeks. Genuinely never gonna last out this hiatus.


[32] icons, shockingly mostly Gwen. Am weak for my girl adventuring, no surprise.

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in which es rambles about her relationship with merlin atm:

So if you've been with me in fandom for any amount of time, you'll probably know I love Gwen and Morgana the hardest, solo and as a ship. That will always be true.

But with s3 I began to realise -- especially while doing a regular podcast with kepp0xy and crayford -- the show wasn't going to be the story I wanted. The things I was invested in were not what the show wanted to focus on. My favourite things were not gonna happen. All the thoughts I put into the show were only ever a footnote in canon. Ongoing characterisation and clean narratives occurred only by circumstance, and rarely together.

So I'm absolutely watching s4; it's piles of entertainment. And, y'know, Doctor Who's not in my life. But I'm mostly watching it because I think they're finally hitting their stride with what they do well: the relationship between the boys -- pretty much all the boys on set -- but particularly Merlin and Arthur. And their mix of melodrama and crack. And doing epic moments with pretty people in pretty lighting. These are storylines I trust them to see through to a satisfying end.

And if they happen to do something belatedly good with Gwen (suggestions of the peasant queen!) or Morgana (hint of feelings!), I consider it a bonus; a really pleasant surprise. But I don't hold my breath.

And I guess that's more or less what my feelings to this show are: I've long stopped holding my breath.

dw fanvid: kids

title. kids
fandom. doctor who {amy and river}
artist. lady danville
song. kids
summary. amy pond & river song, interwoven

notes // Omg I have quite forgotten how to vid. But I love how complex their relationships is, from the basic tragedy of a kid and her parents unable to be together, to the turnabout way they do manage it -- all combined with the frequently reversed parental roles and the fact the girls both help each other grow up into the adults we know...


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merlin 401 spoilers

lol if i don't do it now i'll forget. if i'm not making sense, it's cus i'm sleepy :P

I CAME OUT BOYSHIPPING. apparently this is the fandom full circle. go in shipping it all, otp gwen/morgana stupidly hard, enjoy a/g, REVERT TO MERLIN/ARTHUR.

reasons to ship Merlin/Arthur (4x01 supported) (spoilerific)

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reasons to enjoy morgana. (spoilers abound)

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reasons to enjoy the old!ot4. (mild spoilers)
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reasons to never stop fangirling Lancelot. (fangirly spoilers)
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reaons to await gwen's increased presence.
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this is a very meaningful entry

 ... Have I ever posted my favouritest ever short story from my favouritest ever children's book? No? Have some Sunday giggles.

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lmao I feel like I should update properly on like, new bookish jobs of perfection, and unexpected romantic adventures and stuff, but I have to go be a good girl and make lunch for la famille. Have a good one <3
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+ So Doctor Who happened, which had me terribly excited start to finish. I think I'm possibly in a minority this season for having loved every piece of it (pirate travesty excepted), and this one proved no different. Collapse )
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+ Oh, and insta! vid rec. Antebellum (Gwen/Morgana) by such_heights. Perfect look at the ladies and how they become different, particularly the last minute which is QUITE HEARTBREAKING ACTUALLY. Oh, my doomed OTP.