kytyn (kytyn_) wrote,

"I've got a nurse"

So my 2.5 year old girl has brought me her dolly and teddy bear before for me to nurse.
But this morning as she was running around nude before school she suddenly looked down at her chest, pointed to herself and said "I've got a nurse!" It took me a second but then I realized what she meant and said "Yes, you do have nipples."
Then I couldn't help myself and asked "Are you going to nurse your dolly or your bear?" She got this great expression and exclaimed "YES!" and ran to the bedroom to get them. My husband was still in bed and I explained what was going on and she shared her newfound discovery of "I've got a nurse!"
What was really funny and odd is that instead of just staying in the bedroom she decided to go back into the hall, lay down on the floor and start nursing her dolly there. Then she brought the bear up and nursed him, too. "Way to tandem nurse, 'Nessa!" She just grinned.
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