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here we go again

Last fall I lost about 15-20 pounds - and then gained most of it back in the last 9-10 months.

Hopefully I can do it again (without the re-gain this time!)

Of course, I recently discovered that I'm anemic (tried to donate platelets and my hematocrit was 36) so I have a appointment with my doctor this week to see if there's an underlying cause. (low iron, not enough B vitamins, other things that I won't get into here) At least that explains my tiredness and how quickly I get out of breath (that and the constantly clogged sinuses that give me about 20% airflow).

Started back playing DDR this week. 'Nessa thinks it's great - she dragged the pads out and insisted that I "dance!" the other night. Very cute. Hopefully that will help keep me on track.
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