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my journal...

Imortilizar el momento!

26 May
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well, I guess it's my turn isn't it? Stan got one, and kenny decided he was going to get an online journal..... somehow. So, here I am

Nothing much about me you should know or that I should really give out on the internet. But I can say i'm a guy, NOT looking for any females or a good time, i'm quit capable of finding that in real life I would hope.

I like to play video games (on the computer and on any system) and hang out with my friends. I also enjoy yelling at Cartman, but I s'pose thats a givin isn't it?

I don't like cartman, being made fun of for being a jew (who would?) or being told what to do. Hypocrites and a lot more bug me... but thats all I care to list at the moment.

I think i'll update this later on when I think of some more things to.... update it with?