The further adventures of TrollDog...

Obi's upping his game.

I'm working from home today, and I'm sitting in the reclining armchair and Obi has his bed set up on the sofa (Bogger HQ as we refer to it). He's angling to conquer the armchair as well since, you know, it's totally worth having two seating positions in the same room.

So he flies off Bogger HQ and starts barking at random at the window, getting his front paws up on the window sill for MAXIMUM BARKAGE. I get up to see what's going on and to get him to stop, pausing for a second to look outside as he drops to the floor. I turn around a few seconds later to get on with some more work, Trolldog's in my seat.


Does anyone else have a dog that expends so much time and effort trolling them? Or is it just me?
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So tired...

Obi needed to shed a few pounds again, so we switched him to a different diet consisting of dried biscuits which can optionally have hot water added to them to make a Weetabix-like paste. He's shedding weight really well, but he's a lot thirstier due to the dried food. Although it's not such a bad thing since it does mean he's taking on more water.

The obvious drawback to this is that he needs to relieve himself more often; typically during the night. So for the past five days we've been on Obi duty from 3am onwards, usually each and every hour until we finally get up for the day. Each encounter goes a little like this...

  1. Obi climbs off the bed, and lies by the door. He'll then start making a whimpering noise consistently until one or both of us are awake.
  2. Hayley or I will wake up, and get up to look after him
  3. Obi then rolls 1D6 on the DoggyNightEncounter table below
  4. Consult the table below to resolve the encounter

DoggyNightEncounter Table
1 TROLLDOG HD - Bedroom door is opened, have a little snuffle around then go back to bed. Look at assisting parent. Think to self "U MAD?"
2 Cave Explorer - Bedroom door is opened. Disappear in to every room that has nothing to do with going in to the garden for a poop. Spare bedroom? GO SNUFFLIN'. Other spare bedroom? GO SNUFFLIN'. Bathroom. Hey, GO SNUFFLIN'. Eventually get shepherded downstairs by groggy, sleep deprived parent. Head in to garden. Turn around and come straight back in. Return to bed. In respective parents part of the bed forcing them to contort themselves to get back in to bed. U MAD?
3 Spoofdog - Bedroom door is opened. Go straight downstairs to back door. Pause for a second as sleepy parent is stunned by display of obedience. Wait at back door. As parent's hand touches door handle; UNLEASH TROLLFACE HD. Run away past parent and attempt to wee up table leg. Be shepherded outside by exhausted parent who by this point is shambling around like a Zombie in a Romero movie (Originals, not remakes)
4 Marathondog - Bedroom door is opened. IMMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT DELAY RUN! RUN LIKE YOUR TAIL IS ON FIRE! RUN LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER, THEN WHEN YOU GET IN TO THE LOUNGE HURL YOURSELF ON THE FLOOR. LAUGH IN THAT WAY THAT ONLY A DOG CAN. BRIEF TROLLFACE THEN MORE RUNNING. Parent starts laughing. CONTINUE TO RUN AROUND THE ROOM OCCASIONALLY HURLING SELF TO THE FLOOR AND HAVING A NICE ROLL AROUND. Oops.. Then it goes too far. Running and hurling dislodges poop. NEED TO POOP. NOW. Start shifting weight on each paw as parent frantically fumbles with door lock. Like something out of an Indiana Jones movie literally as your paws hit the paving stones outside start to poop. RELIEF. Return to bed, trimuphant. After all, you managed to both run around, have a roll around and a poop. WITH AN AUDIENCE.
5 Ops I pooped on ur things - Obediently follow parent to back door. As parent fumbles with lock mechanism, squat over parents foot. Look at parent with TROLLFACE as they say "Obi, dude? What the fuck man?" stifle internal LOL as you head in to the garden for a poop.

I love that dog to bits but I wish he'd roll more 6's.
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Digital Distribution FTL.

Decided I might buy Starcraft II.

Saw a copy in Tesco the other night. In security case. Minimum specs are not on outside of product box. Therefore couldn't review them.

Used Can You Run It? and apparently, I can.

Asked /v/ what they thought. Consensus was that I'll be fine.

Decided to buy online from

Signed up for account, since it seems you can't obtain the price without being logged in.

Confirmed account via email from

Logged in.

Went to purchase screen.



Will procure a physical copy tomorrow for £35.

To defeat the Douchebag, one must become an even greater Douchebag...

I have a sneaking suspicion that peterb might like this one. There's a bit of nerd humour in here, and you kind of need to know a little about 40K for it to fully make sense, but don't worry I'll guide you through it.

"What the fuck am I lookin at?" you're probably thinking to yourself. Well this is a photograph taken at a Warhammer 40,000 tournament somewhere in the US. The guy kneeling on the right with a huge shit eating grin on his face just won his match before it even began.

During a game of Warhammer 40,000 (I'll call it 40k from now on) two (or more) people control an army with the goal of defeating the opposition. There are various game types but they basically boil down to team deathmatch and domination. The game they're playing above is a team deathmatch game. At the beginning of a match, you take it in turns to deploy your troops within certain areas of the table, usually with the rule that you must be more than x inches away from any opponent models. However much like in real warfare you don't necessarily have to deploy your entire army in the first round due to Deep Strike rules. Essentially some units can arrive via a plethora of methods including but not limited to teleportation, flight, drop pod, burrowing underground and in some cases even bursting out of your opponent's models. The battle is between a Tau army and a White Scar Space Marine Army. The Tau are basically a gun line army; you put as many Fire Warriors and Hammerheads down as possible in a line as far away from your opponent as possible and you light those fuckers up. Anything that doesn't get railgunned to shit will singlehandedly 'ave your Tau army in hand to hand combat. With one arm missing due to the aforementioned railgunning. The Tau do however have another race known as the Kroot who they use to take care of the melee combat since they see it as dishonourable. So it's not uncommon for a Tau opponent to start a game with the majority of, or even all of their army in reserve ready to teleport or drop pod in close to or even behind the Tau gunline. You then don't take as many casualties crossing the battlefield and can kick the shit out of the Tau.

The White Scar Space Marines are a highly mobile army, and often they make great use of Attack Bikes, which can be reserved like many other units. However they can't teleport on to the battlefield, nor can they arrive via Drop Pod. There is a limitation on them that they have to drive on to the battlefield from their end of the table, and they can't enter the battle if there is an enemy unit within a few inches of that table edge.

So what happened here? Well the White Scars player tried to be a douchebag by reserving his army before deployment. So the Tau player positioned all of his Kroot troops along his opponents table edge meaning that he couldn't field his reserves (or in this instance his entire army) due to the rule concerning reserve deployment and the proximity of enemy troops. The dweebs scanning the rulebook are trying to disprove this tactic but are going to fail.

tl;dr One guy tried to be a douchebag and was out-douchebagged by someone being an even bigger douchebag.

I fucking LOL'd when I saw this, which probably says more about me than I care to think about.
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