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So, while I was sorting through school books today (damn bookstores... WHY WON'T YOU BUY THEM BACK!?) and I came across a tiny reference book I forgot I even had...

"100 Words Every Word Lover Should Know"

Man, I'm in trouble. People need to stop feeding my obsessions with books geared toward me specifically.  Also, alchemy is an excellent word. Also-also, glossolalia is actually in this book. I AM A GOD.

In other, non-word related news...

My classes are going pretty well, or as well as summer courses go. I think if I was taking them during the regular semesters I'd be much more interested, but as it is... I mostly want to hang out at the pool. Social Psych is awesome though, Role Theory is an amazing thing to think about.

Brody Ro-Ro is turning TWO YEARS OLD tomorrow! Now, since he's a rescue, I don't actually know his d.o.b., but I figured June 16th was as good a day as any, since it's also my half-birthday. I'm making home-made treats for him, and we're going to go celebrate with a day at the dog park (...and then potentially a pool party that he isn't invited to ;)).

Also, sometimes I make bad life decisions.

Could it be?

I think... dear lord I think I have a new word infatuation.


beautiful in a lyrical sort of way. plus tie in the meaning and... HEART.

But don't you worry "apothecary", you'll always be my truest love.