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Whining about work, 'cause my usual sounding board is in Wyoming or some such nonsense

Before I begin: sounding-board, soundingboard, sounding board... are any of these actual english?
Long day.

Started with Pete having a seizure as soon as I got to work (6:10am! LATE!) So I had to deal with that and carry him all the way around the outside of the building. He's probably 55 pounds or so, so he's not impossibly heavy, but damn that's early in the morning for drama. Then, we had 90 dogs and 3 people to work with them, but it felt like two. Laura was sick as fuck so basically Yana and I did everything. It took us 3 hours to do the first walk, which usually takes us an hour. Then there were shitty dog bathers. And then SO MUCH WORK.
'Cause here's the thing about working with just me and Yana... It's basically just me. She's good at doing cleaning and such, but she has no dog knowledge, no "dog sense", if you will. She lets them run her around (and into) things, she's no good w/ aggressive animals, and has no idea how to handle vet matters. So no matter what I was doing, I had to drop it to help her. All morning. We didn't finish the second walk until noon or so, and right after our manager Pam comes in. Let's watch:

Pam: "Kate, how did the morning go?"
Me: "Shitty. First there was..."
Pam "Hmm. That's no good, poor thing you must be tired! But here's the thing. I need you to work a double tonight."
Me: "What? But you didn't let me tell what happened.."
Pam: "Yeah, Brandon called in sick. So, I'll need you to take an hour break and then work the next shift."
Me: "I... but the... but I... fuck."

Because I can't say no. Especially here, because if I'm not there... who's gonna take care of the dogs? (well, other than the other two people on the shift...)
Anyway, I ended up telling her that, yeah, I could come back, but I was damn well gonna take a nice long break before I came in. Luckily, a metric shload of dogs went home from 4-6, so the last walk wasn't so bad. And really, thanks to a strategically timed nap, I don't feel too bad. Plus, you know dollars are good and all...

But stilllllllll... that was whine-inducing day.

Also, a tiny westie puppy beat me up. It was a sad defeat. CUTE!