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"No one can find the rewind button girl, so cradle your head in your hands & breathe- just breathe"

Oh my God!
I was on the phone with Kate right now.... AND IT THUNDERED! Immediately after hanging up, I threw open the sash of our window. It's thundering! A storm! I'm so happy right now. I love snow, don't get me wrong, but I hate that quiet in-between time we've been having lately. My favorite part of spring is the NOISE! Loud thunderstorms are so soothing. Yay. *sigh* Content.
Also, my favorite online store is having a sale. I never end up buying from here, but I constantly drool over the shoes. Here: RETRO SHOES ON SALE! Seriously, this place knows me.  Are these not perfect? Are these not me? Could I be more excited?
Uninterestingly enough, my vintage icons are made from that site.  I'm glad you like them, Jamie :) So do I!
Ooooh 'splody episode of Grey's Anatomy! BOOM.
So, um, a couple hours have passed since I last wrote. I went and took my Stat exam. I fucking fail at life. Fo' sho. Joelle did not understand when I said this to her. Apparently you must gradually become aclimated to my defeatism. Like Johnny Depp to all manner of sea ceatures. I just got my exam grade for psych though-- AND I GOT AN A! Woot :) Write it down, people, this is probably the only time this will happen all semester, considering my other two exams this week literally kicked me in the ass.  I have bruises. Meh. Mmmm gorgeous figure skaters.... God I love the olympics in this moment.
So, I was going to spare you, but really... this is too damn disgusting. Scott Stapp and Kid Rock have a sex tape ready to come out!
I swear I had a bunch of entry. But I must have lost it. I do have a hole in my pocket. So, this is it for tonight :)