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I'm a little shocked

Just so everyone knows, Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn has been leaked on the internet for the past couple of days. You can actually read the first 2/3 or so from scans, (and I have, because I've never been able to pass up a good spoiler)...

I hate to say this, because I had hope. But I think fans of the Twilight series are going to be really surprised at how... bad... it is.

Let me justify myself:

I genuinely like the first book, Twilight. The second, I mean... I get it, but it's not my favorite... and the third gets a little better, a little more whiny, but better. So yes, I am a fan of the series despite there being some things in them that I just can't take seriously. I may make fun of them, but it's in an affectionate way, rather than the more harsh way that you'd use to make fun of something you don't like/appreciate.

Now in this new book, there are some good points. But overall it really reads like... fanfiction. I'm not going to go into why right now, b/c I don't want to spoil all you with your ~virtue~ still intact, but... maybe you'll see what I mean when you read it. There are also things that I'm pretty sure SMeyer has said can't happen before, or at least it was implied. Over all, it just seems that her world is mighty convenient, but still regrettably underdeveloped.

Anyway, these are my first thoughts on the book. Once I read the ending, I'll go into more detail. And I really hope that all you big fans of the series don't come away disappointed... but my hopes aren't high.
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Golly Jeepers Mister, you sure are big

How the HELL did I get this much stuff? It took me and my fam 3 days to move me out of my old apartment.  And my new one is a bit smaller (...or maybe just partitioned?) so fitting the crap in was fun. BUT I'm in, it's done, and the place is super cute. Brody, especially, loves it. I swear 75% of the people here have dogs! WOOT!

Also: Twilight trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also: Apparently my summer classes accidently got cancelled. Oh silly Purdue, WHY DO YOU SUCK AT ANYTHING CLERICAL?!?!?! So now I have to go reschedule them (the first one starts on Monday!!) and hope that no one in the financial aid office notices that I'm not registered for any credit hours... 'cause they'll cancel my aid too!!

My life is always interesting.

"I'll never criticize Romeo again."

Wow, I was up soooooo late last night (we're talking at least 4am) trying to do homework but mostly wasting time on Lj. This resulted in getting much deeper into the Twilight fandom than I thought I would. But I love it, it's a good fandom to have. I've been writing some very... tragic... things lately. I don't know if I'll ever post them, but I think they are the way they are b/c I've been on a Romeo & Juliet kick. It's may be my favorite story of all time. My dad gave me one of his volumes of Shakespeare's works  and I keep rereading it. I guess this would also influence my recent dive back into Twilightdom.

In other news, my roommate just ran out of gas one block from our home. I will of course need some time to assist her.
And I'm back. She will not be living this down. Not for a long, long time. This is the... second (or third?) time she's done it this year. He. Oh, Marla.