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Mispelled words just mean I love you ;)

My fourth of July... hmm... rather boring. I've been writing some, but I'm a bit bored with that too. I think I just need to get out of my apartment. I wanted to go see a movie, but of course, no one's in town to see it with.

I'll post later about the incident that made me realize I def. missed riding this morning. But in the meantime...  let's reminisce, shall we?

I have a confession:
I wanted to be a stadium jumper when I was young. 
There, I said it. 

For those of you who don't know about horses, I wanted to do this:

and just to take your breath away, check out the tight turns on this course:

Yup. I wanted the flash and glamour, pure adreneline and danger of show jumping on a big, rangy warmblood. 

Jumping just gets in you and you get scared but you have to do it... like riding a rollercoaster, I guess. It's such a thrill I get goosebumps just watching. 

My mom, however, absolutely hated it. I broke my wrist when I got up to jumping 4ft., and she made me chill a bit on it. Eventually I had to stop riding for a while anyway (by a while I mean high school) and now when I ride in college, I'm so out of shape, 2' 6" is a very serious test of my stamina. I swear, I'm huffing and puffing and sweating and flying through the air (sans horse), watching these people who ride all the time, like "Yeah, not so much".  

I'm only compelled to write about this 'cuz I haven't ridden in over a year. It's starting to make me itchy.