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Leave a message at the beep.

Wow, who wrote 1,000 words today? THAT'S RIGHT BITCHES. i'm a teenz proud of myself, you know.

WHY is franz ferdinand the background music for the Daddy Day Care promo on TV? Do they know what goes on at Franz Ferdinand concerts? Well, nothing really, except tight jeaned euro-trash wanna-be's* stamping about, but then there's me and lois_lane85 and threeeby5 looking all sexy with beer spilled in our hair. AND THAT IS NOT G-RATED, PEOPLE. Do you realize the combined weight of our cleavage? Probably  we could contruct your average camper at your precious Daddy Day Care from the contents of our shirts ALONE. 

Dear god, what a horrible thought.

That's my stream of conscious-ish rant for the day. Take it or leave it. Probably leave it. It'd be best.

I SAW DARCY EVADONNA, AMANDA, AND CRYSTAL last Friday! God, and I was obnoxious too. Sorry about that guys. Not that I was rude (I don't think) but damn, I talk a lot! And I can't stop myself either. Wish I could, but no dice. Speaking of rambling, perhaps I should get to the point which is: I'm still in love with every one of you <3<3

Alas, I'm off the internets for the next couple of days because I reeeeeeeeally don't wanna get HP spoilerized, so ta-ta, I s'pose. But I leave you with this (guaranteed spoiler-free article) amusing rundown of what loose-ends, exactly, JKR needs to tie up in the last installment:

The true allegiance of Professor Snape has been one of the great mysteries of the whole series: is he evil or just greasy? At this point, the volume of evidence stacked against him is overwhelming. He was formerly an evil Death Eater. He was the head of the evil Slytherin household. He has evil black hair. He is played by actor Alan Rickman, who is himself evil. This is some pretty damning stuff.

*just kidding... sort of.

I waste time like it's my middle name

 12 minutes before I leave for philosophy. Do I have clothes on? No of course not, I'm blogging and that's too important to divert any energy into putting pants on.

I just wanted to make sure Crystal, Dar-ee, and Amanda know how sorry I am that I can't go on the trip. And that I'm fucking devastated that I don't get to hang with them for a week. And pissed. All different shades of pissed. I started my new job today and they won't give me Spring Break off. Bullshit.

I hope you guys have fun in the sun, doing acts of charity and improving the lives of those less fortunate, while I slave in the cold for an unfeeling capitalist society.

Fucking shenanigans is what this is!

Ranting Lunatic

Well that's it. I corrupt all the Mama's babies. They send their babies off to college, I get a hold of them and turn them into slobbering drunks, crack whores, and concert goers. SHAME ON ME!

But why stop at blaming me? Blame punk rock! Hell, blame all the music, the media, the internets, AND GODDAMN IT, HOT TOPIC!

Sex & drugs & rock and roll.

Fires of hell.

In short, KTK.
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"Yes, I would still love you if you had only one foot."

Wow, haven't updated for a little while. I don't know why. I check my friends page everyday, but apparently don't want to contribute. Huh. Entertain me, pleebs. Dance! DANCE! (lol dance dance in my pants...)

"Rosalee: They also said that in first class you may personally view the film of your choice.
Cathy: All right. I would like to touch intimately the person who thought of that."

Anywhoots... Livejournal has now given me 15 userpics. Really, I don't think this was a good decision on their part. Sure, just keep feeding the addiction, lj.  ENABLER! I even made one 'cause I'm cool. Yeah, it's a unicorn. Whatcha gonna do about it? They exist- they totally do.  Here it is:

What's that? What time is it?! Why, it's random passive-aggressive ranting in which I use the word "I" about 3 trillion times, use the same sentence structure over and over, and switch back and forth between musing in general and addressing the reader time!!
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Guh, I'm so out of it. Worrying and stuff. I do that. I should stop. 

I have to get some work done. This chapter is just NOT FINISHING. I need to get this application filled out. It's just NOT FINISHING. 

Well, I'm gonna hop into da shower and get ready for the roomie's memorial service for her Grandpa :( sad face. He was a nice guy.

Here's some dumb stuff to amuse you while I'm gone!! 

So heres the rules: go to your iTunes or Window Media, or whatever and fill out the first band that's in each letter, and don't be all like "mmm, I dont want people knowing I listen to them so I'll pick the coolest one".

A - The Andrews Sisters
B - Bad Company
C - Chris Botti
D - Dean Gray
E - Eagles
F - Family Guy
G - Geoffe Moore and the Distance
H - Hollenbeck
J - Jimmy Page and Robert Plant
K - Kaiser Chiefs
L - Led Zeppelin
M - Margeret Becker
N - The New Pornographers 
O - Original Broadway Cast (AIDA)
P - Phillip Brooks
Q - none
R - The Rolling Stones
S - She Wants Revenge
T - Tim Miner
U - Uematsu Nubou
V - Various (<-- does this even count?)
W - We Are Scientists
X - none
Y - none
Z – none



 HAHAHAHA This is so cool! My mad skillz would totally apply :)



Mmmm fun times being negative, eh? This'll be interesting





"You walked into the party like you were walking onto a yacht..."

"...Your hat stategically dipped below one eye
     Your scarf was apricot..."
Seriously going to town on this song in my head.

Fuck, I was having a halfway decent night. But you know when you come across something that's been at the back of your mind, and you have the time to dwell on it again and you just get pissed off all over again? Yeah, that's what just happened to me. If you want to know about this, I wrote a rant under the cut. If not, you don't have to tell me you didn't read it ;) 
Today was SO WARM! The gorgeousness! It BURNED! Not really.  I had an excellent dinner with Jen and Keri tonight. Good times, that. Apparently, I'm obvious when I have an opinion about something and don't want to share it. Keri was telling me about her most recent adventures in Dylan-Hunting, and I sat there politely listening. Midway through, Jenny interrupted and was like, "I want to know what you're thinking." I informed her that I was thinking nothing, and that really she was ruining the experience for me.  She stage whispered, "You can tell me later." Then after the whole thing was done, there was an awkward pause while both stared intently at my innocently widened eyes. They both chorused "What are you thinking!" about 5 times, to which I merely nodded, and it was done. But really, I need to work on not showing that I'm thinking. Meh, maybe they just know me too well. 
WICKED is Saturday!!!!!!! Only double-digit hours away!!! Yes!
Also: I happen to love my icon. The angsty pout expression is priceless (and fitting considering my irritation and the song in my head :))

 (WARNING: About sensitive political issues)

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