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"I'm not good or real...I'm evil, and imaginary. ”

I don't really have entry, but I can make stuff up. I just felt kinda weird b/c I didn't update all weekend which is not like me. Well, I was sooper sick this weekend and I wrote an entry, but deleted b/c it was one of those ones that don't make sense. It's best if I don't do anything when sick as I am a big baby (not to mention the grumpiness). Wow, I really don't have much to say except for I'm pretty much a douche and could have done my taxes AGES ago. Whatev.

OH. Adorable Doctor (McNerdy ;)) should date that one chick. For reals.

"Karen: Grace. It's Christmas, for goodness sake. Think about the baby Jesus: up in that tower, letting his hair down... so that the three wise men can climb up and spin the dradel and see if there are six more weeks of winter."