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If the world didn't have caffeine, I would no longer exist

So, turns out I had pneumonia and spent half of friday in the E.R. while they poked me with deadly needles and breathed for me and CAT SCANS ARE SCARY. Also, I was by myself the whole time (I somehow managed to drive myself there) and it was lonely and I wanted my Mom. (And no, it did not occur to me to call Kate or someone to come see me until I'd been there 4 hours already and at the point I was like, "eh, fuck it.")

Just thought I'd let you all know how that turned out.

Luckily, they pumped like, 11 meds through my IV and sent me home with 4 more, and they seem to have done the trick and I'm now able to walk more than 6 feet without having to catch my breath like a much, much fatter person.

 So, I'm now free to enjoy my STRESS level with working lungs :-D  HOO-FUCKING-RAY! 

(On the plus side, I just calculated my Soc grade and I could not take the final and still get an A)