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I have a fascination with tragedy

I really do. I hate it but I love it too much to care.

So, they told me in the exact words I've been waiting for that I have the job today. That was exciting. Has anyone reading this (you know, all 3 of you) ever seen The Jerk (w/ Steve Martin)? I'm currently celebrating the job like getting my name in the phone book: "I am somebody!!"

God, I love that movie. I should think about it more often. Ok, just a few quotes from IMDb for posterity. I really wished I owned it.

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But I digress.

I finished my painting today. It's uh... lovely. Like a 4th grader painted it for his/her mom. I lack the skillz yo. But my Art Ed roommate says it's fine so I am taking that as the Truth and turning the bitch in. It's hilarious, all black and white with a zebra and siamese cat having a stare down in a jungle- It looks like I puked charcoal and it came out in shapes. Maybe I'll post a picture of it here if I can borrow a digital camera.

Fantastic amount of work has gotten done lately. I'm having problems concentrating on one thing right now, but I'm hoping after this brief caffeine induced *SBS episode, I'll be able to get back to it. Whoa, seriously I just stopped typing to check out the fact that you can tell by the worn keys on my laptop that I'm right handed. Which makes me wonder, is that something that is universal? Or just me. I'm assuming things that would contribute to this would be I push harder with my right hand, the right hand briefly leaves and refinds the keys when I push enter/backspace/whatev, and probably the fact that I use my right hand more means there's more residue from other objects on the finger tips of that hand. This would have some affect on the plastic keys, right? Am I just talking crazy here or could this be a valid theory?

OMG do you see what I mean? I'm not even looking at the screen I'm staring into space with fixed eyes and I don't want to focus on anything but my mind. And I think I've lost it.

Wow- I'm going to go away from the computer now and do something to better mankind until I can focus again. And by bettering mankind I mean taking DVDs back to Blockbuster. You know, livin' that rockstar lifestyle.

**SBS- Saturated Brain Syndrome... when I get to that point where it feels like my brain is a saturated sponge and can't absord one more thing. It makes me innattentive, sluggish,  insane, and really really random. I can sit and stare at something without a visual thought for several minutes. This is not a medical term, but yet another KTKatical term to describe my various unexplained phenomena. Like my memorable bout of  Appalachia in 2006, for instance.

Painting... (say your prayers)

Me+ paint = highly frustrated.

I'm not even using color b/c I can't handle it. Black and white, like words on a page. That's how I roll.

Insomnia never waits for my approval before taking hold. Shtupid. It's like someone who always seems to call as you're sitting down to eat.

I've let go of something tonight that went there and back with me. It's not even big, just a piece of stupid writing that I couldn't finish. But it's been to dark places with me. It's changed forms as I did. I got it done tonight. It's how I know I'm safe. It's not even deep or particularly good, it just means more to me than I think anyone reading it could know.

I killed mildew today in our bathroom. We're the Mildew Murderers, baby. (gang symbol on the way) It's totally cool if you want to form a fan club for my disinfecting powers. They're breathtaking. Even Butters clapped when I braved the bathmat. Well he would have if he had hands, he is a bunny after all. It's a scary moldy world out there kids, be safe!