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He dared me to move.

Just got back from the Switchfoot show. Got kicked in the face, but other than that it was fun. Good band and good (energetic) crowd. Plus, it was finally warm outside and they played the sunset away. Pretty lighting made me smile.

All I can hear from the living room is commercial music. This is pretty unfortunate, however there was just an amazing moment when the commercial that plays that song I like (I know neither the name nor artist)  went right into the one that plays Teenage Wasteland. Why did I share this moment you may ask? Because it means something people. To me. :-P

65 degrees is true love.

Sometimes, when I hear a certain song, I think about how neat it would be if a certain band covered it. You know, what would they do with it, how it would sound in their style, how would they make it their own, blah blah blah.

Well, usually I just think about it when I listen to "Bernadette" by the Four Tops (yes, Motown can be cool too so hold your tongues) because I think it would be amazing if Franz Ferdinand covered it. Today, I was thinking Fall Out Boy should cover The Eagles' "Witchy Woman".

It always seems to be not so much opposite, as separated genres of song and band that I match in my head. Maybe I'm just crazy, but it bugs me that I can't hear what they would do w/ the song because the cover doesn't exist. But, hey, I can guess- and it's fun times in my head.
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Sittin' around, discussing music with myself

Well, now that I've ranted a bit..

(and talked to Erin, which always makes me feel better :) the rant was in no way directed at you or anything, it was merely me venting over the fact that I just don't understand haha!)

Guess who got tickets to the Symphony for Saturday?? No guess. Really! GUESS!

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2 tickets for the Saturday night performance  of Brahm's Fourth! I'm so stoked. I love all live music, but my new true love may be the symphony. I got to sit in on their rehearsal tonight. Well, you know, got to watch at least, since I don't play. Though I think if I could play anything it would be a tie between the bass guitar and cello. I spent most of my time watching the cellos tonight, and when the conductor (who was Australian and floppy haired) wanted just them to play a section it was so beautiful. Low, full-bodied and resonating sound. **LOVE** I love classical and romantic music, and Brahm's is a classical romanticist, I suppose, so I really like his particular compositions.

A lot of people don't like classical music. But my philosophy is, if you've never heard it, you should take a listen to a couple of different types of it sometime. I think a good appreciation of music is an appreciation of all music (not necessarily a liking) and you should listen to as many different types of music as you can. You never know, Debussy's impressionism may move you and you were completely unaware. But, I do enjoy many types of  classical music, so I suppose I'm a bit biased in its favor. I guess what I'm trying to say is not that you should like it, but you should give it a chance. Plus, it makes for amazing random playlists- a little Tchaikovsky sandwiched in between Panic! at the Disco and the Velvet Underground always makes me laugh.

In other news, I officially won at life today.

Hopefully this will turn into a winning streak since I have a job interview tomorrow (wish me luck!). A job interview and career counseling in the same day... the juxtaposition makes me tremble.
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