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Blair- Laughing

hey look... I stole another one!

fill it out and post it in the comments, darlings.

1.Your Middle Name:
2. Age:
3. Single or Taken:
4. Favourite Movie:
5. Favourite Song or Album:
6. Favourite Band/Artist:
7. Dirty or Clean:
8. Tattoos and/or Piercings:
9. Do we know each other outside of LJ?
10. What's your philosophy on life?
11. Is the bottle half-full or half-empty?
12. Would you keep a secret from me if you thought it was in my best interest?
13. What is your favourite memory of us?
14. What is your favourite guilty pleasure?
15. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you:
16. You can have three wishes (for yourself, so forget all the 'world peace, etc.' malarky) - what are they?
17. Can we get together and make a cake?
18. Which country is your spiritual home?
19. What is your big weakness?
20. Do you think I'm a good person?
21. What was your best/favourite subject at school?
22. Describe your accent:
23. If you could change anything about me, would you?
24. What do you wear to sleep?
25. Trousers or skirts?
26. Cigarettes or alcohol?
27. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together?
28. Will you repost this so I can fill it out for you?

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Blair- Laughing

Swan-diving off of the deep end of my tragic cigarette

I've spent this last week at either one of two extremes: chagrined or amused.

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And there's my soul-searching for the day.

In other news, I've been writing some interesting things lately. It feels good to be writing again period, but I'm especially proud of this recent stuff.

Also, I win at life, but not by much with regards to my summer classes. I don't think I got an A on my exam, but I think I passed it... which is awesome considering I studied for about 2 hours with only the text to guide me.

So, yet again I took quizzes that katja had on her journal. All of the results are surprisingly accurate, for once, especially the temperament and attention span ones. Also they're eerily related to the beginning of this post...
Heh, in any case, I heartily recommend them.

Teehee- I have cholera. But actually this is really accurate. If you know me, you know the first two sections are ridiculously true: especially "easily excited" and "instantly passionate" LOL The last part I like to think is untrue... but not completely.

You Have a Choleric Temperament

You are a person of great enthusiasm - easily excited by many things.

Unsatisfied by the ordinary, you are reaching for an epic, extraordinary life.

You want the best. The best life. The best love. The best reputation.

You posses a sharp and keen intellect. Your mind is your primary weapon.

Strong willed, nothing can keep you down. Your energy can break down any wall.

You're an instantly passionate person - and this passion gives you an intoxicating power over others.

At your worst, you are a narcissist. Full of yourself and even proud of your faults.

Stubborn and opinionated, you know what you think is right. End of discussion.

A bit of a misanthrope, you often see others as weak, ignorant, and inferior.

HA, I don't think this comes as a surprise to anyone...

Your Attention Span is Short

What attention span? It's difficult for anything to keep your interest.

You are so easily distracted, it's a wonder you could finish this quiz!

You find focusing a challenge. Your mind tends to wander to the strangest places.

While it may be hard for you to complete tasks, you're very creative.

You are easily inspired, and you are often thinking of something interesting.

The world would be a boring place without people like you.

I would like to know who these salsa personalities are...

You Are Barbeque Sauce

You are a social person. You enjoy cooking for other people.

You are both skillful and competitive. You enjoy mastering hard tasks.

You appreciate complexity more than simplicity.

Your taste in food tends to lean toward interesting flavors.

You appreciate exotic spice combinations. You tend to like cutting edge, fusion cuisine.

You get along with all personalities from a distance. Except salsa personalities, who always seem to annoy you.



These are all quizzes that Katja posted. She was online for like 2minutes today! WOOO.

Road Trip

The Road Trip of Your Life

You see life as a journey to be shared with others. Kinship and sharing are very important to you.

Your life is quite hectic. You try to slow down when you can, but it's not easy!

You're willing to take a few risks in life. You may not take the road no one travels, but you're happy to take the road less traveled.

You are able to find a fairly healthy balance between work and play. You work when you need to, but you never let yourself burn out.

In another life, you could have been a great novelist. You have a knack for describing things in an interesting way.


What Your These Fireworks Say About You

You are jubilant and easily excited.

While you aren't very intense or passionate, your happiness is abundant.

You can always find cause to celebrate, laugh, or even just smile to yourself.

You find that life is full of things to be happy about!

I like forks.

You Are a Fork

You are truthful, direct, and straight forward.

People find your honesty to be a bit piercing at times.

You are driven and wildly ambitious.

You know what you want, and you take the most direct path to getting it.

Not so much the middle part, as I am pretty social

You Are a Crocodile

You are incredibly wise and knowledgeable.

In fact, your wisdom is so deep that it sometimes consumes you.

People are intrigued by you, but you find few people intriguing.

You are not a very social creature.

You are cunning. You enjoy deceiving people a little.

You are able to find balance in your life, and you can survive anything.

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Now, see, if I was in a band....


Follow these easy steps!
1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random
The first article title on the page is the name of your band.
Mine is: Pyrosvesteiou Square (My band is Greek?)

2. http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3
The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.
Mine Is: ...is indistinguishable from molasses.  (WTF? How come tenshinofushigi gets shit that makes sense and is would actually sort of work and I get Greek Molasses?!)

3. http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days/
The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4.Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together, and post the result. 


(Whut up Paint? hehe!)
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Book meme

These are the top 106 books most often marked as "unread" by LibraryThing's users (as of today). As usual, bold what you have read, italicise what you started but couldn't finish, and strike through what you couldn't stand. * - Read more than once. Underlined-on my to read list.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Anna Karenina
Crime and punishment
One hundred years of solitude
Wuthering Heights*
The Silmarillion
Life of Pi : a novel
The name of the rose
Don Quixote
Moby Dick
Madame Bovary
The Odyssey
Pride and prejudice*
Jane Eyre*
A tale of two cities
The brothers Karamazov
Guns, Germs, and Steel: the fates of human societies
War and peace
Vanity fair
The time traveler's wife
The Iliad
The Blind Assassin
The kite runner
Mrs. Dalloway
Great expectations*
American gods
A heartbreaking work of staggering genius
Atlas shrugged
Reading Lolita in Tehran : a memoir in books
Memoirs of a Geisha
Wicked : the life and times of the wicked witch of the West*
The Canterbury tales
The historian : a novel
A portrait of the artist as a young man
Love in the time of cholera
Brave new world - read it in high school. not my cup of tea.
The Fountainhead
Foucault's Pendulum
The Count of Monte Cristo
A Clockwork Orange
Anansi Boys -really want to, I've never read any Neil Gaiman but Good Omens and I'd like to see his other stuff
The once and future king
The grapes of wrath - i don't care, i don't like steinbeck
The Poisonwood Bible : a novel
Angels & Demons

The Inferno
The Satanic Verses
Sense and Sensibility
The picture of Dorian Gray
Mansfield Park
One flew over the cuckoo's nest
To the lighthouse
Tess of the D'Urbervilles
Oliver Twist
Gulliver's travels
Les misérables
The corrections
The amazing adventures of Kavalier and Clay
The curious incident of the dog in the night-time
The prince
The sound and the fury
Angela's ashes : a memoir
The god of small things
A people's history of the United States : 1492-present
A confederacy of dunces
A short history of nearly everything
The unbearable lightness of being
The scarlet letter
Eats, Shoots & Leaves:
The mists of Avalon
Oryx and Crake : a novel
Collapse : how societies choose to fail or succeed
Cloud atlas
The confusion
Northanger abbey
The catcher in the rye
On the road
The hunchback of Notre Dame
Freakonomics : a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything - OMG I wanted to reada this the other day and couldn't find it!!
Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance : an inquiry into values
The Aeneid
Watership Down*
Gravity's rainbow
The Hobbit*
In cold blood : a true account of a multiple murder and its consequences - on the  second chapter, but you know, reading it
White teeth
Treasure Island
David Copperfield
The three Musketeers 

I've read about 26(?) of these. I want to read a lot of the others but, as usual, I have great intentions... but no follow through. Eh.

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Dance dance in my pants


Name 9 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 9 people. This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list
the names first.. No cheating!!!

1. Kibbs
2. Gretchypoo
3. Linc
4. Jamie
5. Kate
6. Amanda
7. Ash
8. Crystal
9. Daree


- How did you meet 3?
When he slapped me with a wet(w/ water) tampon in high school and I retaliated in such a way that he remembered not to do it again.

- What would you do if you had never met 1?
I honestly can't even... wow. I have no clue. Probably be a completely different person.

- What would you do if number 2 and 6 were going out?
Well I'd probably never come out of the laughter induced coma.

- How do you know number 8?
We're twins separated at birth who only found each other at age 15 while throwing inanimate objects in the air...

- What do you think of number 7?
That she's one of the most honest and refreshing people I've ever met, just a hilarious grrrl.

-What would you do if 5 confessed they love you?
LOL! We lived in the same room for 2 years... how could she not want me ;)

- A fact or two about 9?
Well, I associate her with dolphins, because not only does she love them, but whenever I picture her mind, or her essence I suppose, it's always in the form of a dolphin. Strong and shiny and graceful, with a sort of playful independence that's infectious.

- Who is 1 going out with?
OMG WHO ISN'T SHE WITH? p.i.m.p.t.r.e.s.s.  (look ma, I can vary my font)

- What's 4 do for a living?
I do believe she trains to become Lois Lane, and telemarkets, and builds engines, and writes satirical pieces. She's what we call a "jack-of-all-trades."

- Would you ever live with 8?
Sure I would. She could make me chili and I'd keep her neat :)

- Where does 7 live?
Haha, well her family's home is in the OC, her official current residence is in Hillenbrand Hall, but she actually has an apartment in Lafayette.

- What do you like about number 1?
That she's adorable and kinda dense in a way that's purely Kibbs. She's kind and sociable and caring and she makes mistakes but tries to fix 'em. Plus, I mean we've been friends since we were 7.

- Do you miss number 2?
Hahaha, yes she's at work right now... I haven't seen her in 3 whole hours!

- What is your opinion of number 6?
That she's more amazing every time I talk to her. I want to put her in a book so everyone can know her.

- What do you think about number 5?
I think she's smart and driven and well balanced. And that Australia's lucky to have her for awhile, hopefully there's a mutual learning taking place :) Miss ya Kate!!

- Would you ever go out with number 7?
OH hell yes! Hahaha we already hit the Cactus every Thurs night, we might as well get a discount on the cover lol!!

- What would you do if 3 and 8 were going out?
I would scratch my head in confusion. A lot. In fact, I think I'd end up with an open wound. That is just way too much curly hair, their union would cause a deep and irreversible rip in the time-space continuum.

- Who does 2 like?
No one currently

- Would you ever go to the movies with number 9?
Are you kidding me? Not only would I go to the movies with her, but we still have a standing Harry Potter Date that we've honored for each addition to the franchise for... I dunno, a lot of years now. (6ish? When'd the first Potter Film come out?)

- Is number 4 hott?
SCORCHING!     (hahha note the extra "t" in hot in the question... that must mean reeeally sexy. Like so sexy one T can't even begin to describe...)

- How many of them did you meet on myspace?
None, these are all real life people. With pants and everything!
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"We mustn't dwell... no, not today. We CAN'T. Not on Rex Manning day!" - Mark, Empire Records

Katie K will be haunted by...

Abraham Lincoln

They've come to take you to purgatory
'Whose ghost will come back to haunt you?' at QuizGalaxy.com

haha, Oh Abe, you so crazy.

DONE FUCKING DONE! OMG it took me an entire month rife with distraction, but I'M DONE! I feel like a Taco Bell commercial. [I'M FULL!!] Yay off to Erin and then update time :D

So, list of things to do today:
Okay I'm not even going to make a list since I won't do it all. But, it includes going to Schleman and working an hour earlier than I'm scheduled to come in. NOT happy about this. Whatever. More monies for Kateh!

Why don't I own this movie? No matter how many times I watch, it remains my all-time favorite [Lies, Katie, ALL LIES. It's tied w/ the Princess Bride, 101 Dalmations, and Seven] Anyway, my point is I've had a what? 11 year love affair w/ this movie and have never owned it. Huh. That is a lot of monies in rental fees. Probably I should just invest.

A.J.: What's with you? Yesterday you were normal and today you're like the Chinese guy from the Karate Kid. What's with you today?
Lucas: What's with today, today?

"Yes, I would still love you if you had only one foot."

Wow, haven't updated for a little while. I don't know why. I check my friends page everyday, but apparently don't want to contribute. Huh. Entertain me, pleebs. Dance! DANCE! (lol dance dance in my pants...)

"Rosalee: They also said that in first class you may personally view the film of your choice.
Cathy: All right. I would like to touch intimately the person who thought of that."

Anywhoots... Livejournal has now given me 15 userpics. Really, I don't think this was a good decision on their part. Sure, just keep feeding the addiction, lj.  ENABLER! I even made one 'cause I'm cool. Yeah, it's a unicorn. Whatcha gonna do about it? They exist- they totally do.  Here it is:

What's that? What time is it?! Why, it's random passive-aggressive ranting in which I use the word "I" about 3 trillion times, use the same sentence structure over and over, and switch back and forth between musing in general and addressing the reader time!!
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Guh, I'm so out of it. Worrying and stuff. I do that. I should stop. 

I have to get some work done. This chapter is just NOT FINISHING. I need to get this application filled out. It's just NOT FINISHING. 

Well, I'm gonna hop into da shower and get ready for the roomie's memorial service for her Grandpa :( sad face. He was a nice guy.

Here's some dumb stuff to amuse you while I'm gone!! 

So heres the rules: go to your iTunes or Window Media, or whatever and fill out the first band that's in each letter, and don't be all like "mmm, I dont want people knowing I listen to them so I'll pick the coolest one".

A - The Andrews Sisters
B - Bad Company
C - Chris Botti
D - Dean Gray
E - Eagles
F - Family Guy
G - Geoffe Moore and the Distance
H - Hollenbeck
J - Jimmy Page and Robert Plant
K - Kaiser Chiefs
L - Led Zeppelin
M - Margeret Becker
N - The New Pornographers 
O - Original Broadway Cast (AIDA)
P - Phillip Brooks
Q - none
R - The Rolling Stones
S - She Wants Revenge
T - Tim Miner
U - Uematsu Nubou
V - Various (<-- does this even count?)
W - We Are Scientists
X - none
Y - none
Z – none



 HAHAHAHA This is so cool! My mad skillz would totally apply :)



Mmmm fun times being negative, eh? This'll be interesting





"Great, can you do that with your shirt off?" -- Jenny Kasmier

Immoral Death
How will it happen? You will be stabbed with your own bong.
'What horror movie death would you have?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Hahahahhaa! I love it! Good quiz, good quiz.
I really don't think I have much to say right now. But OMG read this. I don't know why but when I read it it was the funniest thing ever. It's just an essay about how the writer wants to see Snakes on a Plane. If I were male I like to think I'd write like this. I don't really know why, but I would. Its from the Johns Hopkins News-Letter. Enjoy:
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