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I'm about to get big Karmic slap in the face

So, I win at life yet again today (or until about 8:00pm)

I got the job, I thank you. Or at least I think I did. They never just say, "Hey, kid, you got the job." They are always just  "Hey, come in tomorrow and shadow." But going by the last time that sentence was spoken to me, I'd say I have it.

So then, I had to see a counselor who is a quite adorable old man. I think we all know I have a strange obsession and giggling reaction to adorable old men. So, it was a probably a bit odd for him. He was just so cute! I think he was in his 70's maybe? So, yeah, the meeting was fairly unproductive but I still count it as a plus because I'm weird like that.

I got my Soc. exam back today-- my professor told me she was impressed with my essays and highest score. HOW COOL IS THAT? Maybe not at all, in the traditional James Dean fashion. But to me, who hasn't gotten a compliment from a professor in years, it was pretty damn satisfying.

Then I found out I no longer have to eat toast for every meal since monies are coming my way. (Besides for the job thing)

Then I took another exam that I feel pretty confident about.

So as of 8pm, the Greatest Two Days In a Long Time were still in tact. (Unfortunately at that time I found out I somehow owe the state $288 in taxes. WTF? I'm getting that checked by someone who knows what the hell they're doing!)

So, aside from that costly snafu, I am in quite a cheerful mood. And I hope it'll last through whatever happens tomorrow when I'm sure Karma's going to check its plus/minus list, realize it's made a grave accounting error, and call in my debt.

PS- If aim freaks out my computer one more time, I'm going to shoot it. I'm going to form my pretend-hand-gun, and shoot the bastard until I feel better. Because I found out today it would go against what is generally accepted as common sense to physically punch it. This is why I have friends. To explain these things to me before I my costly lack of any common sense makes itself known ;)

Sittin' around, discussing music with myself

Well, now that I've ranted a bit..

(and talked to Erin, which always makes me feel better :) the rant was in no way directed at you or anything, it was merely me venting over the fact that I just don't understand haha!)

Guess who got tickets to the Symphony for Saturday?? No guess. Really! GUESS!

Collapse )

2 tickets for the Saturday night performance  of Brahm's Fourth! I'm so stoked. I love all live music, but my new true love may be the symphony. I got to sit in on their rehearsal tonight. Well, you know, got to watch at least, since I don't play. Though I think if I could play anything it would be a tie between the bass guitar and cello. I spent most of my time watching the cellos tonight, and when the conductor (who was Australian and floppy haired) wanted just them to play a section it was so beautiful. Low, full-bodied and resonating sound. **LOVE** I love classical and romantic music, and Brahm's is a classical romanticist, I suppose, so I really like his particular compositions.

A lot of people don't like classical music. But my philosophy is, if you've never heard it, you should take a listen to a couple of different types of it sometime. I think a good appreciation of music is an appreciation of all music (not necessarily a liking) and you should listen to as many different types of music as you can. You never know, Debussy's impressionism may move you and you were completely unaware. But, I do enjoy many types of  classical music, so I suppose I'm a bit biased in its favor. I guess what I'm trying to say is not that you should like it, but you should give it a chance. Plus, it makes for amazing random playlists- a little Tchaikovsky sandwiched in between Panic! at the Disco and the Velvet Underground always makes me laugh.

In other news, I officially won at life today.

Hopefully this will turn into a winning streak since I have a job interview tomorrow (wish me luck!). A job interview and career counseling in the same day... the juxtaposition makes me tremble.
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