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New layout, what??

Changed my layout again. I like it a whole bunch :)
I've been feeling really weird for the past two days. Like, mood swingy. One minute I'm high, the next I'm low. Probably it's just stress, which I mean, really shouldn't be surprising. I'm transitioning so much right now, that I'm not in an exact spot in any segment of my life. I'm between two apartments, I'm between two schools, I'm between two jobs... And nothing's going to settle until July at the earliest. July is when I finally move into my new apartment (thank jeebus), but the school/job part won't be resolved until January! I feel like I'm swinging on a rope, sort of, without a net to catch me if I fall... and telling myself "hey, don't worry, the net will be here next year" really only makes me more anxious, because what if I can't hold on that long? What if I accidentally let go of the rope? It's a kind of constant low-level anxiousness that gets to me when I'm too tired.
But for now (and I know this, it's just hard to keep it in mind sometimes...) all I can really do is make the best of what's going on for me now, and hang on for dear life while swinging in the breeze.

So this is the miracle that I've been dreaming of... so this is love

My current dilemma is trying to figure out how to display my icons on individual entries with this particular layout. I'm not sure if it's possible with punquin but, I'm looking. I may have to switch to s2?

It's snowing and gorgeous outside! I can't stand cold for cold's sake. Snow is a must if it's going to be 28 degrees outside.

Homework is killing me tonight. Well, technically I haven't started it yet. But, thinking about homework is killing me. I've got four classes tomorrow, and work due in each one. And maybe, perhaps, it could be that I haven't started anything yet. I might need to work on this procrastination habit of mine.

ZoMG!!eleven!!1!! I'm so excited about spring break right now. I'm going to Arizona with a church group I don't belong to in either membership or faith, but my friend Crystal is a member, even though she doesn't belong to the church. If you're confused, so am I. I'm hoping to have fun doing construction projects for the mentally challenged. It should be good times since peace_lilly , _glass_fruit_, and finding_my_muse will all be there with me :-D! I was going to go to Florida and sit on the beach drunk all week, but booze is exxpppeeennnsssiiiivvvveeee. So, instead I'm hitting Az w/ some of the greatest people ever to do good things for mankind. A trade off that works for me. AND to make this whole thing 50x better, hopefully we'll be home for the 17th b/c of THE PYGMIES ridiculousness!!
And now on to...

*stock news broadcast intro music*

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Well, I've found my Disney CD Fish burned for me last summer. It's been on repeat all night :). Let me relate my thoughts on it for you behind the cut:
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