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Dwight- Asian

Oh Pancake, deliver thy self unto me!

I am financially stressed. Not that this is, y'know abnormal, but it seems that in this precise moment it's particularly acute. I think it's post-job-quitting panic. OH YEAH did I mention I'm not working at the kennel this semester?

I'm not sure what I'm going to do without my daily dose of doog. (Well, other than just play with my own dog...) Also, the lack of incoming dollars just freaks me out a little.

Plus I went to Target the other day and got a pair of jeans because... WHY AM I JUSTIFYING THIS?... because I needed a goddamned pair of jeans, ok? But then I found the makings of a delicious outfit, so I got the shoes too. I then proceeded to call Jamie all in a tither because I was spending too many dollars. Her suggestion? Maybe I should just buy a garden gnome.

This is why we're friends.

Anywhoots, I've got this whole week off (classes start on Monday) and not a thing to do other than organize my life. Yesterday was spent recovering from a hang over and the realization that I just can't be around certain males, followed by Keri, Christopher and I eating delicious Chicago dogs/hanging out to the sound of the Olympic Table Tennis. Today I slept 'til 4pm 'cause I could.

Now I'm bored.