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Me: "Who's this song by?" Kate: "I don't want to say..." Me: "UH-UH." *turns off radio*

First off, this a message for Ms. Curtis:
Do you wanna know what a massive dork I am?!
I was looking at my AIM buddy list, and since you are not online, it would make sense that you'd be in my offline buddy section. Which you were. That's not why I'm a nerd. The epiphany came when I saw your name in the offline section. I JUST GOT IT. DANSYOGAGIRL. DAN BROWN (of DaVinci Code fame) and YOGA GIRL (of dilapidated couch discussion fame) all in one name! IT'S LIKE AN INSIDE JOKE OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS AND I DIDN'T GET IT!!!!!! Until now. I'm not kidding, since the beginning of time (or AOL conversing between us, whichever came first) I have been wondering: Who the FUCK is Dan?! Who is she talking about?! But I have never asked, afraid that Dan would turn out to be some mutual acquantance that I'd completely forgotten about, as one does. Go ahead, flog me. I deserve it. I'm not only a member of the ORIGINAL(winkwink) Big Three but a member of the unofficial In Joke Fan Club That I Just Made Up and I completely missed that. FOR SHAME. Bring on the public humiliation.

In other news, I'm gearing up for a boring night in. I forgot to get dinner- this may pose a problem. John Mellencamp is no more than .7 miles away from my person at this very moment. And in sports, Detroit up over the Chicago Blackhawks 1-0 in the at 15:31 in the second.  Stay tuned for updates on my night of boredom. They could be frequent. This is KTK, good night and good luck.