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Obligatory rundown of recent drunkenness.

K, the whole thing worked out... sorta. Purdue likes to move in slow motion when handing out dollars.

Holy christ, Jennifer Lopez turned 21 yesterday. She's the last of us to turn, and also the biggest partier (yes, she kicks my ass), so of course she's turning her birthday into a week long celebration.

I'm gonna puke if I have to down another tequila shot. (This is why I hate Meredith from Grey's. NO SKINNY SKINNY WHITE GIRL CAN DRINK THAT MUCH TEQUILA AND NOT DIE)

We went out at midnight, Wednesday, to do the initial celebration at 4 bars on campus. But it was strange, because I kept forgetting we started at Midnight, so I was calling people to see if they wanted to come out, thinking it was like 11 maybe. It was 2:30am. OOPS.

Then came an afternoon cookout, where Brendan decided to be my own personal bartender. Apparently nothing short of straight tequila with a teaspoon of margarita mix is appropriate for the KTK. And its not like I can just back down from that kinda statement- I HAVE A REPUTATION TO UPHOLD. An admittedly lame one, but a reputation nonetheless. Also, apparently Keri has never played MarioKart before so we broke out the Nintendo 64 and watched her play w/ Brendan, Shawn, and Jennifer. I cried. I cried so hard from the hilarity. A more entertaining thing I have yet to find, people.

THEN came the Cactus, and early. Good God. The piano bar was fun, but there weren't enough people there to make the dance floor the way I wanted it to be. You know, overly crowded so no one can see my enthusiastic dancing. I'm not a good dancer by any definition, but I am damned excited about it. Also there was a belly dancer there. That was awesome, and awkward.

So, it's been a fun couple of days. I'm not hungover (small miracle) but I am done with the celebration. I'm poor, and old. I'm almost 22.5. 21st birthdays just aren't as exciting anymore, and you know I'm easily bored.