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Enjoying a nice cup of flavored HCl

Many varied and interesting things have happened lately.  I'm too exhausted to really go into it now, but I suppose if I feel the need to write about it I'll do so here. I'm mean, well, duh I would. Where else would I, really? One of my eleventy thousand papers due in the next week or so? On one of my exams tomorrow? In my Handel presentation**? 'Cause that's all I've been doing lately it seems.
I've just drank a whole pot of hazelnut coffee. It was a good thing it was hazelnut to temper it, because the coffee itself was so strong I think it actually ate the enamel off my teeth. [Note to self: A Tsp does not in fact equal the correct amount of grounds if one were to use a Tbsp accidently.]

Someone please get Fall Out Boy out of my head! I just got their new CD, and I'm going through that YAY! NEW CD! stage where I listen to whatever I've burned many many many times in a row. This album's definitely different for them. I like the songs though- plus goddamn it's catchy. Bastards. I can't concentrate! I've switched to the Stones b/c that's my study music, but I swear I still hear "I knew that the lights of the city were too heavy for me." in the pauses between songs. And that's just rude.

Wow, it really feels like 3am here. My roommates are all early to bed, early to bang on walls and use blowdryers and yell across the room at each other. They're all ed majors so they're student teaching and what not. Suckers.

Hey, speaking of which... what the hell am I doing with my life?

If anyone knows the answer to this, please feel free to share. 'Cause hell if I know.

**Would it be inappropriate to start out with "If it ain't Baroque- don't fix it"? And then laugh really loud to try to get other people to laugh and when they don't the awkwardness will fill my soul with sunshine and giggles? Because that's sounding really appealing to me right now.