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"This ferret ate my baby!!"

So, haven't updated in a while...
Dial up + being home = limited internetting for Kateh.
I was going to update last night but the power went out and there was weirdness. Luckily I saved the entry since I no longer trust LJ. It's behind the cut.
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Weellll, I've gotta feed my fish. And then probably I should work. It's cold. I so don't want to. :P

"Two sips from the cup of human kindness and I'm shitfaced..."

So, went to the doctor yesterday. Turns out I am not dying. I have to go to a sleep clinic. I am okay with this because Joey on Friends had to once. See, I am still smarting. DAMN YOU TBS OR WHOEVER INSISTED ON PLAYING THE LAST 10 EPISODES IN MARATHON FORM. DAMN YOU TO HELL! I'm gonna need some recovery time. Why yes, I am that lame, why do you ask?
My hips hurt.
I'm clean now! So that's good. Just took a shower :) WOOT! I take the longest showers evah. It's good thinking time. I just stand there with the water running and its relaxing and contentifying. (I am a aware I just made up a word) I lose any sense of time while in there, so it usually ends up that a short shower for me is like 30 minutes. Alright, now that you all know my bathing habits... XD
My dreams lately have been odd. And more than a little disturbing in some cases. Guh. *shudder* Kate knows what I'm talking about. There are going to be rules on this NYC trip, dude.
This was pointless. A long long time ago, I can still remember, how that music used to make me smile... SING IT, KATE!!! MUAHAHAHAH SUCKER!!