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Here kitty kitty

So, went to the supermarket to restock today. Unfortunately, I was starving at the time (all I've had to eat today was a yogurt at lunch, which may be plenty for Kate Moss, but as we all know I'm Katie K...) I pretty much bought everything I saw. Now I'm in the classic conundrum of "Ok, I now have food in my house. Everything looks good, and I CAN'T DECIDE WHAT TO EAT!"

Eating everything is out, since I'm on a diet.  I'm dangerously close to going into restaurant-menu-panic-attack mode. Which, if you've ever been to a restaurant with me, you know it can be quite dangerous. Not hyperventilating, not hyperventilating... I don't know what I wannnnt! 

Probably my meal picking skills could use some improvement.

In other news, I got a cat. She's not really a cat, but a dog-like being shaped like a cat. She's insane. Her name is Gwenyth Stefani Golightly. The Stefani is in there because Chubs refuses to accept her existence unless he can call her Gwen Stefani.

(Really, we should all just be satisfied she's not a tom, because than I'd have to name her Dr. Mason.)

But, the best part of the whole deal is not only am I a dog-person, but I'm actually allergic to cats. Oops.

Look at it this way, I am in love with this kitteh- we have overcome these obstacles, so clearly we're meant to be.
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