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Current word infatuation: 'apothecary'

Just finished my German final. Turns out I can bullshit an essay in TWO languages :-D!!!!! Unfortunately, I didn't actually use my awesome plan to pass. When you're graduating a year late... you can't really mess around with exam taking strategery.

So my plan is to do some heavy duty packing tonight (if I don't go home and pass out... which is possible :) ) and then I have all day tomorrow, complete with 4 review sessions to study for stat.

Workin' it through people!

I can't believe I'm gonna be in a new place on Sunday. It doesn't even seem possible. I'm soo excited and so exhausted at the same time. (Ah, the miracle of caffeine.)

OH! Spreching of which, I just got starshmucks, and I feel bad about it because I actually really despise the taste of their coffee. They burn the coffee beans, and it literally tastes scorched to me. However. I have some sort deli-ci-ous carmelly thing by my side, and I have to say it's making me smile. I don't want them to think I'm leading them on or anything. You know, get a reputation as a coffee tease. But still... this is kinda good...


And I want to party.

Politics and finals... you'd think i'd be less bored.

I watched the president speak today... well, sorta. It was more like Katja was watching and giving a play-by-play over the phone 'cause I didn't have access to TV at the moment. Anywhoots, my point is: man, I hate that guy!

Let me elaborate:

Really, W? The solution to high gas prices is drilling in ANWAR? Really? And I suppose your oil company buddies had NOTHING to do with that decision.

Also, getting pissed off and yelling about congress not doing what you want is not so president-y of you. Do you really think congress is gonna back you if they want to get re-elected? 'Cause I'm thinking that would be a dumb move on their part. And isn't  the point of having a president seperate from congress that whole "checks-n-balances" thing? It's GOOD that they aren't acting like your pawns for a change... even 3rd graders know that.

And finally, lame "accidental" plug for Republic candidate John McCain. Mr. President, you are quite a bad actor.

Which brings me around to my final politic-y rant of the day:
In reading the local paper (Journal & Courier, best. paper. ever. lol) a lady who shall remain unnamed wrote in complaining about Barack Obama's ad claiming he won't give tax breaks to companies moving overseas. The lady said something along the lines of: does he think they would give tax breaks to companies they knew were relocating overseas. And how could he know about factory closings until the doors of that company are actually closed?

To which I wanted to reply: Ma'am, do you know anything about our government... at all? Companies get tax breaks for moving overseas. It's not just that a corporation got a tax break and happened to be moving, the reason for the reduction is the move! And then once they're there, their taxes go waaaaaay down. So yes, he does think companies that go overseas are getting tax breaks,  in fact, he knows it. And the last part of her letter doesn't make sense at all, so it's not worth addressing... but, really Lafayette? You're a college town, at least pretend to be skeptical of the government LOL!

I just ruined that entire argument with a very excited LOL!. Oh well, I've never been much of a closer.

In other, non-politic related news, my german final is tomorrow. I have 24 hours to learn to speak a language... prolly not gonna happen. But damn, my Germ-ish is good.

Maybe I'll just quote myself speaking in english the whole test. IT'S A DIRECT QUOTE! YOU CAN'T MESS WITH THAT SUCKA!!!!!!!!!

This will be followed by my Statistics final, which I may just write in German. IF YOU CAN'T SPEAK GERMAN YOU CAN'T GRADE IT SUCKA!!!!!!

And then a lovely Anthropology final, which I have no strategy for. My love for the professor will shine through in my answers. His heart will swell three sizes that day, and he'll give me an 'A'.

If only these things could actually work lol!!

If the world didn't have caffeine, I would no longer exist

So, turns out I had pneumonia and spent half of friday in the E.R. while they poked me with deadly needles and breathed for me and CAT SCANS ARE SCARY. Also, I was by myself the whole time (I somehow managed to drive myself there) and it was lonely and I wanted my Mom. (And no, it did not occur to me to call Kate or someone to come see me until I'd been there 4 hours already and at the point I was like, "eh, fuck it.")

Just thought I'd let you all know how that turned out.

Luckily, they pumped like, 11 meds through my IV and sent me home with 4 more, and they seem to have done the trick and I'm now able to walk more than 6 feet without having to catch my breath like a much, much fatter person.

 So, I'm now free to enjoy my STRESS level with working lungs :-D  HOO-FUCKING-RAY! 

(On the plus side, I just calculated my Soc grade and I could not take the final and still get an A)