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Enjoying a nice cup of flavored HCl

Many varied and interesting things have happened lately.  I'm too exhausted to really go into it now, but I suppose if I feel the need to write about it I'll do so here. I'm mean, well, duh I would. Where else would I, really? One of my eleventy thousand papers due in the next week or so? On one of my exams tomorrow? In my Handel presentation**? 'Cause that's all I've been doing lately it seems.
I've just drank a whole pot of hazelnut coffee. It was a good thing it was hazelnut to temper it, because the coffee itself was so strong I think it actually ate the enamel off my teeth. [Note to self: A Tsp does not in fact equal the correct amount of grounds if one were to use a Tbsp accidently.]

Someone please get Fall Out Boy out of my head! I just got their new CD, and I'm going through that YAY! NEW CD! stage where I listen to whatever I've burned many many many times in a row. This album's definitely different for them. I like the songs though- plus goddamn it's catchy. Bastards. I can't concentrate! I've switched to the Stones b/c that's my study music, but I swear I still hear "I knew that the lights of the city were too heavy for me." in the pauses between songs. And that's just rude.

Wow, it really feels like 3am here. My roommates are all early to bed, early to bang on walls and use blowdryers and yell across the room at each other. They're all ed majors so they're student teaching and what not. Suckers.

Hey, speaking of which... what the hell am I doing with my life?

If anyone knows the answer to this, please feel free to share. 'Cause hell if I know.

**Would it be inappropriate to start out with "If it ain't Baroque- don't fix it"? And then laugh really loud to try to get other people to laugh and when they don't the awkwardness will fill my soul with sunshine and giggles? Because that's sounding really appealing to me right now.

"But if there's trouble she's got the moves, she's taking an elementary class in kung-fu"

Seriously, it's funny how people think they know you really well and then do the one thing to make you want to end a friendship right there.

My mommy and grandma are coming up this morning to take all my crap home! I'm so excited. The semester's over (yeah, like it even really counted...) and I have a new job waiting for me at home. It's gonna be a good summer. No more weird hours. Maybe now I can actually have a social life!! WHAT? I know. Last summer pretty much sucked. Oh well, on to the new :D Apparently, Em and I are forcing Jame into our school of driving. If she learns anything from me, she'll be driving the Batmobile by the end. Whoo-ah.

Also, my life is getting fixed tomorrow! I'm finishing CODOing, getting the necessary signatures and such. Plus, I'm looking into breaking my housing contract somehow. I think incoming freshman can't but I'm pretty sure upper-classmen can. So, yeah doing that-- AND signing my leese for my new apartment! WOOT! I'm really excited about it. I hate living in the dorms. I didn't want to stay in them again, but I signed the contract thinking I was studying abroad. However, I'm not studying abroad second semester next year(I'm gonna do it later on) anymore, so there's no reason for me to be in the dorms again when I have a perfectly good apartment to live in. Fun people live there: Kim Hargarten and her cousin Gretchen (who I've met a couple of times at parties in their apt.) and I have no idea who the fourth person is. Hopefully we all get along, which we should. In conclusion: EXCITED FOR THE FUTURE! I like change, so my outlook is particularly rosy currently :D

At the Griffin tonight, the DJ from the super study break was right outside the window. It was good times. Juday and I are amazing singers ;) Not really. I could have gone home at 8 or so but I sent Kim home instead. So Judy and I spent the rest of the night being SO BORED b/c we were so slow. I got a free shirt though. I wonder if I was really supposed to keep it? Oh well, I have it now. It's XL, so I'm gonna shrink it so it fits better. It has the "SUPER STUDY BREAK" logo on it. I haven't seen so many random people in superhero outfits in one place since the last Breakfast Club! Some guy even dressed as Quail Man. YES. Kim and I debated whether the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were superheroes. I say they are. I mean, come on they're "Heroes in a half-shell!"

Well, its been fun, but I'm tired and non-coherent.

"No one can find the rewind button girl, so cradle your head in your hands & breathe- just breathe"

Oh my God!
I was on the phone with Kate right now.... AND IT THUNDERED! Immediately after hanging up, I threw open the sash of our window. It's thundering! A storm! I'm so happy right now. I love snow, don't get me wrong, but I hate that quiet in-between time we've been having lately. My favorite part of spring is the NOISE! Loud thunderstorms are so soothing. Yay. *sigh* Content.
Also, my favorite online store is having a sale. I never end up buying from here, but I constantly drool over the shoes. Here: RETRO SHOES ON SALE! Seriously, this place knows me.  Are these not perfect? Are these not me? Could I be more excited?
Uninterestingly enough, my vintage icons are made from that site.  I'm glad you like them, Jamie :) So do I!
Ooooh 'splody episode of Grey's Anatomy! BOOM.
So, um, a couple hours have passed since I last wrote. I went and took my Stat exam. I fucking fail at life. Fo' sho. Joelle did not understand when I said this to her. Apparently you must gradually become aclimated to my defeatism. Like Johnny Depp to all manner of sea ceatures. I just got my exam grade for psych though-- AND I GOT AN A! Woot :) Write it down, people, this is probably the only time this will happen all semester, considering my other two exams this week literally kicked me in the ass.  I have bruises. Meh. Mmmm gorgeous figure skaters.... God I love the olympics in this moment.
So, I was going to spare you, but really... this is too damn disgusting. Scott Stapp and Kid Rock have a sex tape ready to come out!
I swear I had a bunch of entry. But I must have lost it. I do have a hole in my pocket. So, this is it for tonight :)

"Describe why certain quantities of NEAA are required but no requirement is given in the NRC."

I have an exam in an hour over Animal Nutrition (if you couldn't tell from my mind-numbingly boring title.)
But,  because Jamie did it .......

KTK's Johari Box Thing.

I don't know the pancreatic enzyme names. Fuck.

EDIT: Do cheese and left over Valentine chocolate qualify as an acceptable breakfast? Do champions eat this? I'm going to tell myself "yes". Out loud, so I believe it. :)

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AH! Exam day! 
I have a psychology exam at 4:30 today. Really, I don't think it's going to be that difficult. I feel fairly competent. 
Wow, livejournal has been making a lot of changes lately! The rich text page is very different. I kinda like it.
So, last weekend was good times. I went to Manchester on Friday and returned Sunday. I'm telling you, it's exactly what I needed. I got to hang out with Jamie Ann, Darcy(for a limited time), and met some cool new people. Like, for instance, it was confirmed that Allyson is the shit. Who knew? Anyway, I was going to type more about it, but I'm too lazy. Suffice it to say it was a good weekend. 

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!! Woot! I like this day. There is much fattening food involved lol :) So, I got you all valentines, but you'll have to go here to see them. Scroll down to the middle of the page. Muah. I thought they were funny.... 
Also, in honor of VD day (get it? get it? venereal disease? dude, that's totally from Kate) here are snarky reviews of romance novel covers :). "Riding a rearing stallion with a shirt mostly unbuttoned is eminently practical and a sign of excellent horsemanship."
God, I love that website. Trashy romance novels are so much better when bitched at.
Wow, I am not a loser AT ALL.
I need a boy toy.

I was going to say something else but I am disturbingly unfocused right now.
Yes, yes that is my Valentine's Day icon. Maybe it should be my every-other-day of-the-year icon.