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I bleed orange and blue and black and gold.

Alright, go me! I didn't drink during the Superbowl, but had tons of great food and a lot of fun.... when I wasn't balling my eyes out because of the  GROSSMAN... WHA? AH!!! NO! WHAT IS HE DOING?!?! OMG... OMG!!!! *SOB*. I seriously blame the loss of Super Bowl 41 on him. The man fumbled twice in a row on the snap! How? Why? And more importantly, why in the hell  did he play the whole game? I may never know the answers. I just can't wait to get a new quarterback.

It has been fun though, being at Purdue during this Super Bowl time. You can see on this map that West Lafayette is dead center between the Indianapolis and Chicago. Bears v. Colts was practically inciting riots around town. At some point I'll elaborate on what exactly I don't like about Colts fans, but I fear my time is growing short.

Also, I found out a lot more happened last night than I thought, and my friends are NEVER going to let me live it down. I'm never drinking again.

...until next friday. I SWEAR! And not that much either. No, I'm going to sit back and watch my friends get drunk and baked and then wait for them to do something stupid and then remind them of it 3000 times the next day. I have the feeling it will be quite an easy task! Perhaps I will employ a camera...

Evil plotting shall have to wait though, I need SHLEEEEP!!!!!!!

Please drink responsibly...

Ok, what happened last night? I went to a "beach party" (conveniently 3 doors down the hall :)) and had the jungle juice. Now it was really weak so I remember deciding to drink it really fast. I had fun, and then really don't remember the last part of the night. Whoa. I do remember dancing with my neighbor, who looks remarkably like Brendon Urie, who was wearing only a speedo. And this is bad but I remember someone kissed me b/c I remember a tongue but I have no idea who it was. So I woke up this morning in bed ( i don't know how I got here) with my computer on it's side on the floor, my clothes tossed around the room, and.... ewwwwwwww puke on my floor. And ewwwwwwwwww it's in my hair! GROSS! Apparently I drank the juice too fast.

Never. drinking. again.

... or at least until the superbowl starts.
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