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Current word infatuation: 'apothecary'

Just finished my German final. Turns out I can bullshit an essay in TWO languages :-D!!!!! Unfortunately, I didn't actually use my awesome plan to pass. When you're graduating a year late... you can't really mess around with exam taking strategery.

So my plan is to do some heavy duty packing tonight (if I don't go home and pass out... which is possible :) ) and then I have all day tomorrow, complete with 4 review sessions to study for stat.

Workin' it through people!

I can't believe I'm gonna be in a new place on Sunday. It doesn't even seem possible. I'm soo excited and so exhausted at the same time. (Ah, the miracle of caffeine.)

OH! Spreching of which, I just got starshmucks, and I feel bad about it because I actually really despise the taste of their coffee. They burn the coffee beans, and it literally tastes scorched to me. However. I have some sort deli-ci-ous carmelly thing by my side, and I have to say it's making me smile. I don't want them to think I'm leading them on or anything. You know, get a reputation as a coffee tease. But still... this is kinda good...


And I want to party.