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"She's not the sharpest... stick.......... in the barrel?"

So, I've changed my journal all around :) Fun times, let me tell ya.
Here is what I like about my parents. I just got a phone call from them (at 11:30! Mein Gott, what were they doing still awake?!?! Turns out they had just gotten back from going out and having fun. I suppose this is reason #1 that I like them XD) The big reason though, is that they are ueber supportive in a very good way. They realize I've been a big girl for a long time now. They raised me that way, to be independent. They are always supportive of whatever decision I make. They're content to let me make my own mistakes. They may give me advice, or say "Kate, that's stupid" but they won't stop me from doing whatever idiotic idea I've gotten in my head. They know I can handle myself and am willing to deal with the consequences if I do something dumb(I have sooo much practice at it ;)) And I love that. Like, with this whole failing at life/switching majors/illness/drama thing that's been going on this semester, their take on it is, "You've got your whole life to get an education. It's the knowledge that you want- the grades are just academia. Get your ducks all in a line, make a decision, and whatever you decide, we're behind you 100%. Just let us know, whatever it is." That's a direct quote from my Dad. Sorry about the weird parent-gushing, but they just made me feel better tonight and I felt like sharing.
The Coneheads is on TV right now. I've never seen this movie, perhaps watching it on mute was not a sound decision. I'm confused. NO WAY. According to this commercial there is a "Guys Gone Wild". The sequel to which is "Guys Gone Wild: Dude Where's My Pants?" I'm sorry, but that's fucking hilarious, I don't care what planet you're from. OMG NOW A CHUCK NORRIS INFOMERCIAL. Jamie once told me that Chuck Norris's tears can cure cancer, too bad he's never cried. Or something like that. LOL. Did I get it wrong? I always do w/ these things. You kids and your new fangled Chuck Norris and your rap music.
I'll tell ya, sometimes, you want people to like what you do. And then they do. And then they tell you they do. And then you freak out because you're afraid they're going to be dissapointed in anything else you do. I swear, as soon as someone compliments me I start to suck. DON'T DO IT PEOPLE YOU'LL JINX ME! Well, you'll not jinx me, I'll jinx me, because there are no such things as jinxes. It's just me freaking out. I should really stop that.
I want a popsicle.