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So, while I was sorting through school books today (damn bookstores... WHY WON'T YOU BUY THEM BACK!?) and I came across a tiny reference book I forgot I even had...

"100 Words Every Word Lover Should Know"

Man, I'm in trouble. People need to stop feeding my obsessions with books geared toward me specifically.  Also, alchemy is an excellent word. Also-also, glossolalia is actually in this book. I AM A GOD.

In other, non-word related news...

My classes are going pretty well, or as well as summer courses go. I think if I was taking them during the regular semesters I'd be much more interested, but as it is... I mostly want to hang out at the pool. Social Psych is awesome though, Role Theory is an amazing thing to think about.

Brody Ro-Ro is turning TWO YEARS OLD tomorrow! Now, since he's a rescue, I don't actually know his d.o.b., but I figured June 16th was as good a day as any, since it's also my half-birthday. I'm making home-made treats for him, and we're going to go celebrate with a day at the dog park (...and then potentially a pool party that he isn't invited to ;)).

Also, sometimes I make bad life decisions.

Summer time and the livin's easy...ish.

Hokay, round two of summer courses.

I've got Social Psychology(Soc 340) at 8:30am for the rest of the summer (this makes me sad face.)

And then I've got Principles of Sociology(Soc 402) at 1pm, with an awesome professor who (unfortunately) kinda forgot how to teach an undergraduate seminar. I don't mind the extra work though, since he looks just like Owen Wilson. If Owen Wilson was 55, gone to seed, and a delightfully silly Marxist. The man is my hero.

Professor Wilson Hogan Quotes from class today:

- (referring to the fact that it would be more productive/cheaper to send criminals to Harvard rather than prison)
"A lot of people are in prison who are not very dangerous. Especially compared to the people in Harvard."

- (referring to himself teaching a class required for Law & Society)
"I'm just amused that Purdue hired a Marxist to teach Marxism to cops."

- (referring to positions in an organization, socially)
"It does have a social influence- a lot like the Tinkerbell Theory of Fairies. You know, clap your hands and Tink comes back to life? Peter Pan? Tink is dying and Peter says if you believe in fairies then everybody claps their hands and it saves her? Anybody? WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE ARE SO JADED?!?!?!"


The point is I have a shazz ton of writing to do this summer, which is a good thing. Because I like to procrastinate required writing by writing whatever I damn well please. So at least I'll be doing something.

Also, I have the next two weekends off work for no reason. ...I'm suspicious.

Brody is getting a bath tomorrow which is good 'cause he's got ridiculously long claws at the moment. Plus he kinda stinks.

The pool at my apartment community is open, which means I've been hauling my day-glow whiteness out there most days, reading silly books about flappers and Steinbeck. And through a lot of time and SPF 45, I've managed to darken myself to white. YAYAH. Plus my back-to-natural blonde hair is sun-bleaching nicely. I look like my summer self.

I'm Chuck Bass

People are writing fancy things and I'm jealous. Motivation is a tricky thing for me. We're not friends. Denial and I however, total BFF.

OMG MTV IS ACTUALLY PLAYING MUSIC VIDEOS! What the hell, man? Though I guess it's MTV2, but still.

Um, the Reaper season finale was tonight, and it was so hilarious. Also, Gossip Girl was last night and it was... kinda disappointing. Not without its good (and really good) points, but overall I was surprised it wasn't ridiculously OMFG-inducing. I was promised more, damnit. Also, if you dare to judge me on my obsession with CW programming... I will hunt you down.

Looking forward to Grey's, etc later this week :)

In other news, my dog is coming along really well with his training. Aaaand I just got a Cesar Milan book at the library, so you know, that's helpful. He's back on allergy meds though. Yes, we are one Being.
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