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"Success Success Success is over Why'd you have to get so fucking useless?"

Wow, I was up REALLY late last night. I drank Vault right before I wanted to go to bed and that turned out to be a poor decision on my part. Who knew?
You know, sometimes I think I'm regressing. Like, last night I was writing stuff and I had to ask a friend (yes this was Jamie as she was the only one up at 3:30 last night) if the word 'along' was one word or two. Her response was, I believe, "And you got a 5 on your AP English test...?". So that tells you how much stake you can put in that kind of test XD! I think I've addressed this in a journal entry before, actually, but the "If you don't use it you lose it" thing is going to be really funny next year when I have to take writing classes ;). Yes, good future times.
For some reason this week, I have been completely content switching back and forth between two albums almost exclusively. Silent Alarm from Bloc Party and the WICKED Soundtrack. So excited about Saturday :) It's the WICKED trip!! I've wanted to see it for a couple of years, so this is splendiferous. Plus, now Kate is a fan of the soundtrack. (Which is probably good since she's going to see it too ;)) Oooh my icon is dancing to my music! Funny how that works sometimes. Oh MC, you so funnnnnnnnny.