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"You walked into the party like you were walking onto a yacht..."

"...Your hat stategically dipped below one eye
     Your scarf was apricot..."
Seriously going to town on this song in my head.

Fuck, I was having a halfway decent night. But you know when you come across something that's been at the back of your mind, and you have the time to dwell on it again and you just get pissed off all over again? Yeah, that's what just happened to me. If you want to know about this, I wrote a rant under the cut. If not, you don't have to tell me you didn't read it ;) 
Today was SO WARM! The gorgeousness! It BURNED! Not really.  I had an excellent dinner with Jen and Keri tonight. Good times, that. Apparently, I'm obvious when I have an opinion about something and don't want to share it. Keri was telling me about her most recent adventures in Dylan-Hunting, and I sat there politely listening. Midway through, Jenny interrupted and was like, "I want to know what you're thinking." I informed her that I was thinking nothing, and that really she was ruining the experience for me.  She stage whispered, "You can tell me later." Then after the whole thing was done, there was an awkward pause while both stared intently at my innocently widened eyes. They both chorused "What are you thinking!" about 5 times, to which I merely nodded, and it was done. But really, I need to work on not showing that I'm thinking. Meh, maybe they just know me too well. 
WICKED is Saturday!!!!!!! Only double-digit hours away!!! Yes!
Also: I happen to love my icon. The angsty pout expression is priceless (and fitting considering my irritation and the song in my head :))

 (WARNING: About sensitive political issues)

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